February 17th, a sunny day, fell on the two day before this I used to use the mobile phone, maybe my own carelessness, causing such things to happen, that day I went to Jiangxi city in Yichun province to help me a good friend with a desktop computer in a taxi. The license plate number, because did not see the taxi car, move the things I’d get off, not to think of other things, recorded when I react mobile phone off, the taxi has left me for a long time. The whole day back after my mood is not very good, on the Internet compared with yourself for what kind of mobile phone, the NOKIA N73 has been compared to love because during that time the home N73 is more expensive, I do not buy, learned from the Internet, I went to our local store to see my mobile phone. My hometown is in a remote, rural areas, traffic is not very convenient, in our town is only three or four to sell mobile phone, they were no more than one thousand yuan NOKIA, I had to ask a boss, N72 mobile phone you want to sell how much money, he said one thousand and nine hundred, then I confused for a while and riding a motorcycle to a town near our home on the line Tanzhen to take a look, I ride a motorcycle almost half an hour to go there, take a look, the price. Not much difference, they are to be booked, the price is about 1950 to 2200 range, but is licensed mobile phone, where I saw almost ten home, decided to take a look at the internet.

when I came back, I asked one of my fellow Shenzhen million selling mobile phone, asked him several mobile phone, first I asked N73, how much money, he said there are three models and then told me to go to his shop to see pat price, then I went to take a look, feel the price a little expensive, because my income is not high, so they asked him how much money he said NOKIA 3230, 1180 yuan of money then I asked N72 how much money he said 1420 yuan of money, then I asked N72 N73 with two mobile phone what different, he asked me to go look at the parameters, so I went to look at the parameters, N72 still feel more suitable for me, anyway, a lot, and I don’t know, I enclose with his chats to everyone take a look at it, you will not see this very tired, although promised me to send him, but he Has been lying to me, say what invoice, the invoice is not really to me, from now to buy a mobile phone at least played more than twenty-five to him, sometimes as long as I heard the phone call in the past is not connected, I don’t want to do, but that is because the phone is not then, what I see is their own genius, genius, please Wanzai fellow, not when he buys something, if you have much more money if you can try, maybe I made this thing he will change, but I believe I cheated, I don’t want to let more people this information will never be fooled, in Baidu search inside Wanzai ranked first in a year, let more people understand that his friends, if you don’t believe you can add my QQ to see my remote recording, you >

A webmaster earned blood Han money on the nternet to buy a mobile phone was cheated by fellow vill