Metro style originated from the Swiss internationalist graphic design

although the flat design has existed before the Metro style, but the real attention is the birth of it. The Metro style starts with the Segoe font. Segoe is a western language sans serif body for Microsoft Corp’s many new products in the user interface fonts. Segoe was inspired by the graphic design of Helvetica and Swiss internationalism, which is designed to be a simple and accurate tool for delivering information. Without extra decorations and moving parts, the Segoe is a clear, accurate and new way.


, Segoe, and Helvetica


Swiss internationalist graphic design

Swiss internationalism graphic design with Metro style design commonality

, whose Metro style was developed from the Swiss international graphic design, was amazed by the parallels between the two: their design goals were simple and easy to identify. The style is simple and clear, the communication function is accurate, and the pursuit of geometric style is rigorous. Asymmetric layout is adopted. The alignment of the use of the left right symmetric homogeneous, of varying lengths using grid based. Form a highly functional and rational design style. Use the sans serif as the main design font.

windows8 startup interface



Swiss internationalist graphic design

limitations of graphic design from Swiss internationalism to the limitations of the Metro style interface

is called a needle without two ends. The advantage of Swiss internationalism in graphic design is his weakness. First of all, the requirements of Swiss internationalist graphic design must be objective and impersonal. Individual preferences, customers’ special requirements, and publicity pressures should be disregarded. The only criterion is the power and effect of vision. Excessive rationalization and formulation lead to the destruction of personalized corridors. Ignoring the emotional needs of the general public. Secondly, the form of graphic design of Swiss internationalism is digital grid, paying attention to mathematical logic and rational thinking, lacking of perceptual thought, which causes great limitations to designers. Not conducive to the divergence of thinking, and the layout of the formation of too rigid and binding, the lack of more freedom, more personalized features.



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