;     recall the year when Baidu first came. At least I do not know what Baidu is doing, or watch friends open the Internet under Baidu song to know, the original Baidu is the next song. Memory, Baidu, but a song of things, I do not know, some year, became a webmaster nightmare. Search Baidu by K, the result is more than 100 thousand, do not have the information that is blocked by Baidu. I think Baidu is so right now.

            I was bored with the design, designed a small game station, because too busy, so there is not much time to take care of my station has been put on for 2 months, did not move it. I recently changed began to carefully take care of my station but found a strange problem Baidu is only one page of site www.52game.org only shows no one within the pages of a web page, a strange thing. Although it is collect, but content title is repaired mostly, can say to be the only caption content. Again domain name problem, domain name is just registered this year, also should not have the problem.

said he is not just blame Baidu ranking mechanism these problems now who engage in the game still understand, 125 see flow sources are small game search results today directly into the adult game flow knows my station into a man’s game is not. Terrible. Terrible Baidu really do not look at the content directly ranked?.

you have encountered any interesting Baidu problems, in the message tell me, I also want to know what Baidu now rules, who let others is the boss?.

A grassroots webmaster to Baidu helpless