because of the reasons for living in the countryside, it is relatively late to contact the internet. I was the first time I contacted a computer after graduation from high school. I remember the students took me to, and paid 10 yuan, in my curious eyes, he helped me log on to help me apply for a QQ. It began to be laughed at, because of being laughed at slow typing, no one is willing to chat with me, but do you think ah, I still have one more than I slow, slow ah, good luck, find a girl, then talk awfully….

was the first year of college, a school to go to Internet cafes run pidianpidian. Time is long, understand more and more things, and often stay up all night, with a book to remember ah, write ah. I know a lot about computer science, and that’s it. Through the network, I harvest the biggest one, that is, my wife now. Y, cyber love. Is because of love, I learned to do those brightly coloured personality home is on her birthday to do the self worship a pity on the leaves, often to the free space, then I do not know why the lost. Then, I like to do the web page, and then, in the master’s teaching, I learned to build DZ, PW forum, and started the website tour.

from the beginning of the 522D to the Jiangcheng resource network, and then to the cigarette forum later. All the way down, the failure of a mess, and then walk all the way, now, to be honest, so far has never been profitable. After work, still do not give up, so the wages gathered hundreds of dollars to buy space to buy corn, and make a great deal of log bar. Now think about it, there are a few people like me, most of whom should be the majority.

log do I am very tired, because in large capacity management update has been my a person, and because of a classic blog database upgrade operation led to the failure of the entire database crash, and thousands of pieces of posts are lost, I am sad…

a month, Baidu took my page all disappeared. I’ve been doing manual restoration for a month, and Baidu hasn’t heard anything yet. Google has left me a few pages with compassion, and is back in despair.

actually I wonder, I did not lose data, it will be updated for about a month, Baidu first included the log bar, more than 200 pages, and then no matter how I update, he stunned me again without a page. Later, I did not pay attention to the day, and included a page of the log. Isn’t that weird,


Baidu now there is no log bar, a page included, has been more than a month.

is getting more and more confused and more and more disappointed. has its faults. Maybe this is my network loss for two years,.

A grassroots webmaster from the rural station do experience and do stand gains and losses