financial industry, including banking, securities, insurance and other financial services enterprises. As a result of its industry characteristic, causes these enterprises when constructs the website, has the more security factor. For example, the banking industry, online banking, e-commerce, online trading system are through the Internet public network, and all have relations with the bank. Because of the characteristics of the Internet, such as universality and freedom, banks will naturally be included in the forefront of malicious attacks. Then, the financial sector in the construction of the site should pay attention to what? Hefei carrying the experience of years of work with the focus of its analysis.

current financial industry mainstream portal features

financial website focuses on its own characteristics, enhance the features and features, and drive visits with features. Or is the enterprise’s own key business as the center of the web site. General web sites will design special survey pages, according to the investigation, timely change website page and function design, to adapt to user habits. And make appropriate interactive links to provide the best experience for more users.

financial website construction system design, target analysis,

financial industry plan, website construction to facilitate online, it is best to take into account the following and implementation objectives:

first: use the most advanced website application technology to ensure the leadership of the website;

second: establish a comprehensive data security and access security program;

third: system function scale, realize that users can flexibly add according to the requirements of business development, will cancel the application module;

fourth: reasonable allocation of management and workflow combined to achieve flexible business processes.

high quality financial portal design point

points 1: reasonable collocation color

due to the special nature of the financial industry, pay special attention to the use of colors. Green and close color system is the fatal color of the financial industry website. To avoid the emergence of the color system, it is the choice of the financial industry website.

points two: illustrated

financial industry websites and other websites, like the whole site in the text and pictures of the convergence, the best is also illustrated effect, this effect is more conducive to user browsing.

point three: advertising information

placement of ad information in banner is preferred. Not only can the advertising information input, but also conducive to the entire effect of the site display.

points four: links

high-quality friendship links in order to finance industry website to get more PR and traffic, improve the quality of the friendship link is the development of the site.

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Key points of portal construction in financial industry