a website to bring real profits to the company, it must be articles to bring more traffic to the network. Only let the article ranking more up front, the article can be more people see, can bring more traffic. Then, the network editor must do the article ranking, in order to achieve this goal, how to let the article get better ranking, I will give my personal experience to introduce in detail.

generally speaking, the article can do a good job of ranking, and the title and content of the article has a great relationship. Articles on medical websites focus not on the beauty of words, but on whether the article meets the needs of the patient and the search habits. Is there a strong correlation between the title and content of the article?. Of course, this is also one of the factors that affect the ranking of the article, and the ranking of the article is also related to the weight of the website itself, but it is undeniable that this is a very important factor. I will from the article title and article content two aspects, how to let the article get better ranking.

1, the title of the article should highlight key words, good keywords long tail

usually, when we write an article, we analyze the title. We should first look at the title keyword determined, for example, write a stream of people cost the flow cost is the key word, the key competitiveness must be strong, we need to be a long tail keywords, for example, how much money Changsha superconducting painless visual flow. Perhaps the competition is not so great, luck, then in the peer articles get a higher ranking. According to my observation, if the keyword does not add any long tail, in the search engine performance is not very optimistic, because the keyword competition is too big. In the front are often higher weights of the site, the general weight of the lower web site articles will not have a good ranking treatment.

2, the article will focus on Title

a sentence in the article, and this sentence is the focus of the full text, very, very likely to be someone to search for statements. The title of the article, once someone search this sentence, is equivalent to directly search your article title, no doubt, your article ranking must be good. When I write articles now, I always think about the title of the article, and how to write it in order to be searched more easily. I think if you also want to get more search traffic, then the title of this article is really a question worth considering.

3, insert keywords in the content, and strengthen the density of keywords

often heard colleagues complain, and worked hard to write an article, the result still did not get a good ranking. Careful analysis of their articles, found that there is a common weakness, keyword density is not enough. The content of the article must be repeated many times. It’s like trying to tell the search engine loudly: "this is what I’m talking about. Of course, not the keyword in the article, the more the better, hundreds of words appear about 3 times, keyword is poor

How to make the article get better ranking