original soft Wen is a lot of network marketing beginner very headache, this style of writing that exam, and exam experience, but also test the patience. Baidu loves the original, so maybe an original article will be several times better than those copied and pasted.

, if you are a beginner, learn how to create an original soft method is very important, the original soft Wen the most important three points: writing, experience and patience. This is the author of the original soft summary, for beginners, according to the following method to write, there will be a lot of harvest.

one, about writing, the exam is how to write a soft text, enough soft".

the most successful soft Wen is the article soft to yourself, can not see it is a soft Wen, we write the soft Wen is to pass the "soft Wen" to lead the customer source. So, how can I write a very soft "soft Wen" to come, the best way is to imitate, look at other people’s soft Wen is how to write, imitate their way, try to write. Like the beginning of the author is also from the beginning of the imitation, every day to imitate high-quality soft Wen, although the beginning of writing is not good, but slowly there will be promotion. The second is to be familiar with the field you want to promote, targeted soft text will bring real results. For example, the web site and get more, according to the Guangzhou line service, so I choose Guangzhou local forum and leisure recreation place to write soft share tips and ways to save money in Guangzhou to play with them, to let customers see that you are in wide, to give customers another a feeling, don’t let a person feel in advertising to a. At present, users are most concerned about the same time, but also the most effective soft Wen, or emotional soft text based. Tell your life, talk about your feelings, and then naturally bring in the products you want to promote, which often bring you a lot of unexpected results.

two, about experience, the examination is that you pay attention to industry details and systematic summary.

soft Wen, no experience, even if you write better, write out of the most can say that the writing is very good, but will not be in line with the promotion of soft text. Experience is not innate, and basic skills is very important, first of all to be familiar with their own industry, this to test their learning; at the same time to write better than peers, is the need for its own industry some unique attention to detail, every details that can be used as soft paper material, then under development ideas can be write a good soft Wen; when you have a foundation, every month to do the summary to you write the soft effect, such as how to write their own products of the kind of soft effect? Type? Or skills class better? Different industries may have different results. Suitable for their professional soft Wen, you need to continue to write and constantly try. Not only is the soft Wen to try more, do network marketing people also want to continue to try, only try to have a process, there is a process, there is a basis, plus summary, and finally will become their own experience.

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Easy to write the original soft Wen three steps