‘s new year’s day three days of the holiday is over, everyone in the short three day vacation aftertaste and summarized away in 2009, is also planning and thinking has come in 2010. New year’s day returns, January 4th seems to be calm, there is no explosive news in the stationmaster circle, the stationmaster people continue to wait and see, waiting for the brand-new 2010, can bring pleasantly surprised and hope.

In 2009,

has been in the past, A5 Adsense nets admin5.com compiled a 2009 annual Internet top ten influential people, "2009 webmaster circle ten news", "2009 annual personal income survey and summary, early and late there is always some review, constantly sum up the past, to accumulate more experience. I wonder if you could make a summary of your 2009 and plan for 2010,


now the Internet seems to have no signs of warming up, the webmaster are waiting for the latest situation, I hope the policy can be adjusted, the network environment can become better. Constantly watching and being hit, the current grassroots Adsense groups are somewhat frustrated, and the major Adsense exchange platform is no longer so lively, the pace of doing site has stagnated. New year and no new weather, the Internet is still a gloomy atmosphere, grassroots webmaster difficult, but life is still to continue, and hope is still in front.

has the webmaster of the website to continue to feel at ease to do the station.

although the network attacks years ago, many personal websites suffer, many websites have been shut down, and the grassroots webmaster is out of work, but some of them have better luck and avoid the attack. The website is still in operation. Now the network environment is not good, doing site everywhere difficult, if you still have to rely on the survival of the site, there is still possible rebirth. Webmaster adhere to such a long time, finally put the website business up, you should not give up, no matter how bad the situation, as long as there is a slim chance of survival hope at all to continue to insist, do not give up until the last moment.

although the current network environment, how many frustrating, but also seriously affected the mood of the webmaster, but if you are more fortunate than others, the website you have left, you should not complain to your site, and is not affected by the surrounding environment and mood, adjust their status, get down web site. Since it has lasted so long, do not give up, if you really can not get rid of misfortune, at least once tried, and can not last forever, it is lucky to have had.

has no websites to restart, or consider changing.

some people are not so lucky, personal website in the network remediation years ago, innocent people have been closed, and has not reopened, even if it can open, may also have died. Network remediation "one size fits all", so many sites fall into the abyss, whether or not involved in illegal information, can not get rid of "stop" the doom, and now there is no web site.

, but people can’t always lament the past

2010 has arrived webmaster have you set your goal again