Internet from birth to now for almost 20 years, in the 20 years preceding 10 years is the period of development, when the Internet sites in less and less, there is no concept of an Internet in people’s minds. In the next 10 years, the rapid development of the Internet, has been created in the previous 10 years in the site once insist on down have become well-known site today’s giant or little known, and the birth of e-commerce, it can be said now the Internet is almost universal, the lives of ordinary people are increasingly from open the internet. We can calm down and think about, if there is no network, what our life will be like? I am sure many people especially young people will be tough.

With the popularization of

and the rapid development of the Internet, the entire web sites in more and more, because now the establishment of more and more low threshold, so that a man will be as long as the Internet to buy a domain name space and then download a source program will be able to set up a simple website, so the number of the site is now hundreds of millions of. Many people set up a website may only to record their life work or study, just to experience their own site feeling; but in those websites in general there are a number of individuals or small enterprise is an own ideal, and for the continuous efforts; they tend to put their own web site a career, as their own children, to take care of, sincere service every visitor to the site.

but no matter how the Internet develops, the entrance to those visitors is often the only one with those individual sites or applications. The early development of the Internet is a web directory and the browser with search engine entrance; behind the mature into search engines, such as Baidu, Google and other mainstream; with the advent of the mobile Internet era, all kinds of APP increased all sorts of strange things in the search engine based on the traditional entrance. While the vast majority of the site managers do not have too much money to build a belong to my own entrance, all traffic seems to be in on other platforms, it seems your site’s life is determined by other people rather than the managers themselves.

web directory era now leaves a variety of navigation stations, mobile Internet has not yet fully mature. At the moment, the biggest business is on the PC side, and the PC side is the biggest traffic portal is the search engine. Although the search engine also has a lot of, but also the major, such as in the domestic market in a Baidu swallowed nearly 80% market share, now almost all domestic websites are relying on Baidu to optimize their site drainage, most care about is their own website in search results in position Baidu.

in the past few years, those small stations have various ways to exchange traffic, and they can use these flows in more ways to gain material benefits. For example, many people can buy and sell links, and buyers can increase traffic for their websites to increase revenue. The seller can profit directly from it

Grassroots websites in the ever changing nternet survival