links have always been a very difficult problem to deal with. Before, I have discussed the chips of friendship links, and today I will talk about friendship connection.

first of all, I’d like to ask a question. What do you do for friendship? PR? I think most people do links to PR. So they change friendship links first condition is how much PR. There are some people change friendship links, in order to hope to come from other people’s Web site a few IP, so these people for friendship links, often with a condition, the day IP is more than how much. What do SEO do for friendship? For spiders! So they change friendship links, usually require your site often updated ah, the best spider is to go to your site every day.

AD, there is a chemical industry needs to do friendship connection, you can go to message. There are 2 stations: (calcium carbonate gateway station) (nano calcium carbonate)

no matter what links are made, people will exchange links with you, indicating that you must have value! But I hope, we will do links later, don’t put your eyes on PR alone. You should pay attention to whether spiders will visit your website every day. Of course, if your website was positioned at that time, you didn’t want to flow from the search engine, then you could skip it directly.

What does

PR decide? Deciding rankings? Decide to include Decide that spiders can visit your web site every day? NO. Nothing is decided! At most, just tell the search engines that your site is of good quality. I wonder if you’ve ever seen a fairly high PR site, and Baidu still has one page left for K? PR is only GOOGLE patent, Baidu reference does not refer to the same thing, so there is no way to determine Baidu’s algorithm. To put it plainly, PR doesn’t care. It’s just for everyone to appreciate!

, spiders are different. What does a spider decide? Deciding rankings? Decide to include Decide to visit your website every day? YES, the spider has decided this series of questions! As we all know, the current algorithm mechanism of GOOGLE and Baidu are based on the hyperlink, so I want to let the spider find your site, you must have the information on the Internet URL you, this spider is possible only through hyperlinks to your site down. So if a spider’s favorite web site connects with you, the benefits you get are much better than those with higher PR sites.

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