is currently doing personal website of so many people of various types are many, dizzying. Everyone wants to make the site better than others, so it’s more competitive. So, how can we do as much as possible to make the site more popular? Here are some of my website experience, I hope useful to you.

: the first special website, surprise.

if we don’t go our own way and follow the path of others, we’ll just get lost. So we can’t with wave flow, ". Before we do it, we must understand what we can do to attract others, that is, what others need. For example: when we sell things, we have to investigate whether consumers will buy such things, how many people sell, and what kind of people they like. Therefore, we conduct a survey of the consumer market, but also to see how many people have chosen the same type of Web site, and do well. Is the market saturated?. This will prevent duplication. When establishing a theme, we must highlight the uniqueness of the site, including the title of the different, but also a very distinctive logo. This will make it easier for users to remember our website. Content should be as new as possible, must have attractive things, or views are thought-provoking. You can’t copy. Use your own hands to write something valuable, so that you want to let the user go to your site to see it. Web pages should be simple and generous and creative in small details.

second: adhere to update, follow up a victory with hot pursuit.

now is the era of Internet, the dissemination of information faster and faster, and the content of the web site is in constant exchange, so in this case we should blame how to keep independent status and characteristics of the website style? Let the user to continue to see the content of the web site? To do this is not difficult. Update the content of the website every day, and there are some different things in it every day. Try to highlight the personality and distinctive style of the content. The content of the material should also be diversified, or the same material from different angles to explain, there will be different effects, and sometimes unexpected results. This will ensure that the number of users has not changed, but also attract some new customers. The new content is critical, and there is no good, new, no increase in the number of web users. Will lead to decline in rankings. Never copy other people’s content. If you see other people’s good content, you should actively learn from others, communicate, and absorb experience.

third: both inside and outside, taking into account both.

we are doing internal improvement, and do not forget the external construction. Especially about the rankings and links that affect traffic. When we are working on the inside, we should also take part of the time to make some adjustments to the outside. For example: make a link between each article, allowing users to stay longer on the site. The most.

Five aspects should be paid attention to in the construction of successful websites