NOKIA finally acquired by Microsoft, really let people eat a Jin, although it is expected, but also a lot of people unprepared, especially those who intend to start Lumia mobile phone. For the acquisition of NOKIA Microsoft this thing, some people sing bad, some people sing sheng. There are two main points of view:

one, Microsoft acquisition of NOKIA mobile phone business, will not "NOKIA" this brand and Windows Phone do not drop, because Microsoft and NOKIA in recent years, the performance is really not good;

two, combined with Microsoft’s software advantage and NOKIA’s hardware advantage, the mobile phone industry will appear in the apple +iPhone, Microsoft Google+Android, +Windows Phone a situation of tripartite confrontation situation. NOKIA with Microsoft’s software and market strength, is likely to return to the mobile phone dominance, Windows Phone by NOKIA hardware advantage can also sit tight in the mobile OS third systems, can even climb.

so, no matter what the point of view, you can produce good arguments. But as a regular user, Microsoft did not announce the closure of the "NOKIA" brand, we still can buy Lumia mobile phones, as long as you like, I also see someone using Dopod mobile phones. At the same time, as Internet practitioners, Windows Phone is still a big market, WP application assistants, WP applications market, WP information forums and other software and websites have mushroomed.

market is big, but the challenges are also many, a few days ago and DAPAI market operation team chat when they have Tucao, Windows Phone is not enough popularity now, especially female groups. A lot of new contacts with WP mobile phone users do not know where to go to download games and software, there are some people struggling with WP mobile phones, and iPhone is not the same as jailbreak, or, like Android phones, brush, and so on. Familiar with Android and iPhone users know, download a APP, there are no more than three channels, one is the mobile phone built-in application market, two is the PC side mobile assistant, and the other is on the application market website download. The DAPAI team’s just such three products (DAPAI mobile phone version, PC version and help mobile phone application market website), when talking about how to promote these three products, I gave them some advice, any one of the largest carrier network products are in fact website, website promotion is awesome. Directly affect the installed capacity and the amount of activation. Now I’ll talk about the ten techniques for APP app marketing.

one, analyzing competitors

this is one thing must be done in any website promotion before the enemy we can. Analyzing your competitors can let you know where your users are, where your industry is, and what the other side is worth learning from. What mistakes we must avoid?

6 APP application market website operation promotion method