at noon today, see the fortune story, the story will be the masters of each 80 are the envy of his DISCUZ IT, now swept the country, which also brought $10 million in venture capital for him, in fact the wonderful story is inevitable, but there is a little so I think we can learn for a long time and learning, is his "free ten thousand year" slogan. For example, I now run a local portal website, we can look at our recruitment website column, this column must be the other charges, but I want to do is play through the free banner to do this thing, in the city also has such talent network, competition and I am, I belong to what do I have that kind of the bright younger generation, and their advantages and the ability to make these more mature industry website competition? Actually rely on free, some people may ask, free of charge, that what you eat, you don’t have to drink the team west wind, I mainly invested in some energy the activities of the organization, such as leaflets issued, the city party organizations, organizations structure, so we can look at my website to do time is one month, Baidu has not included Now, I do the online activities of more than 5 times, is now advertising, sponsorship business I net income by more than 2300, now I am a team of people, so we have to remember that there must be something, this is not changed, daring to try, some be a success.

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