6.3 to 6.4 Baidu Fengyun list, Sogou hot search list, "Jin Yong died" this keyword always ranks in the top ten. Rather, the death of Jin Yong, rather than Jin Yong is "death", Jin Yong died after the news spread on the Internet, immediately got Jin Yong’s friends confirmed that this is a rumor, later, Jin Yong himself was interviewed by the media, and said very helpless.

the deaths of such celebrities have occurred five times in the last month.

on June 2nd, the online biography of Jin Yong, a literary heavyweight, passed away and alerted national media reporters.

In May 26th

, a web site micro-blog said: "the famous writer Mr. Yu Qiuyu yesterday morning when 5 died due to myocardial infarction in Shanghai Huashan Hospital."

is the same in May 26th, a netizen named Liu Zhiming in the personal blog published an article entitled "Liu Zhu Dutch act" Bowen said: "Liu Zhu, unable to bear external pressure, to accompany their parents after eating the meal, choose Dutch act in your bedroom."

on May 6th, online rumors Rainie Yang in Hongkong central suicide jump, died after rescue.

in May 5th, online crazy pass, Simon Yam sudden death due to excessive drinking.

then, through these borrowed celebrities, make fake events, and then analyze why these things have been made

?1, familiar with

network is known to all, the virtual network in the world, is never a lack of a group known as the "network hatchet man" network navy "networkunderworld" such organizations, they to seek benefits for the purpose of trampling on public standards, as long as to attract attention for traffic can be. So "Jin Yong’s death" and "death of Yu Qiuyu" will be not at all surprising.

2, in today’s fast-paced work and life, it is difficult for people to vent their dissatisfaction and depression, so it is normal to wear a vest and hide in the forum. "There are a few people who are afraid that the world will not go wrong, because they are unable to be satisfied with material or spiritual needs, and that they are satisfied with themselves in an extreme way, which is related to the impetuous atmosphere of today’s society.

after analyzing the reasons for the existence of such events, I would like to talk about how to use such events to give their website an effective promotion,


one brings traffic by means of search.

these popular events can in Baidu billboard top ten, a lot of, also is to use Baidu to search the keywords people so we have to think of ways to bring traffic through the search engine. How do you do that,


no matter whether your site from the news, you can use hot events such keywords, write an article or the original false original. The key words for these articles must be combined, such as the World Expo stampede pictures, the World Expo stampede video, and the truth about the stampede in World Expo. Article >

From the Jin Yong’s death incident how to use false news to promote