website was formally launched in August 2009. The domain name was registered by the boss six months ago, and a program was opened, but the content of the website (that is, almost no shoe store products). Baidu has not been included. In August, a new system, a new site, by me to take care of everything. Because of the specialty of the shopping mall, the pictures of the goods are mostly displayed. When the company opened, the boss entered the store and took photos, so I uploaded the pictures. Later on, I haven’t updated my website. In the commodity upload process, and I have some website cooperation Links, website was completed and PR0, so only the same website is a chain, but was very good, there is a government procurement network PR6 and I was very lucky and chain, and several PR4 channel chain, there are a few ten a PRO website cooperation. It was also in the small amount of time without uploading goods, and people talked about the link. Then one month in October, because of my poor health, the rest of the more than 40 days, the site has not been updated, take care of. In November, the site Baidu included three hundred or four hundred, Google included tens of thousands, and PR rose to 3. This result, I am very unsatisfactory, Baidu included too little, I expect the PR should be raised to 4, can only rise to 3. Here I sum up why the performance is so bad:

1, Baidu preferred text, so commodity picture based website is destined to be difficult to get Baidu’s favorite, so as the mall site in pictures more than the best, can be more detailed description of the text. The website wants both text and pictures to be even.

2, in the perfect content of the website, when there is new goods, the website commodity updates a lot, no new goods, the site for a long time to remain the same, resulting in Baidu update time cycle is very long.

3, why Google is OK, but Baidu included little? This is right, this drop right I guess I had to rush to the site, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu know the links with the publicity, especially Baidu know, deleted a lot of post. Down right.

4, when doing friends chain, and a few sites and sometimes cooperation, and sometimes I do not think, this is also my site did not update in November for PR4 reasons.

summed up these, I believe that in the process of improving the site, we must adhere to the same amount of updates every day.

later, I began to try to write some shoes and related articles, because before the failure, I stand to Baidu update time is not fast, I sent an article, I went to Baidu to send a link to the site with my post, after two hours, I found my web site chapter included, it was very surprised, second days almost the same time I issued an article, two hours after the discovery and collection, and also search for relevant keywords in the rankings, to visitors. But the third day, because I rest (to work for the boss, always have a rest day), then also on the stand remember to send an article, but that day too busy, missed fourth days

Do online mall owners do not make such mistakes