as a novice webmaster, more ways of learning is to study the successful experiences of others. The Internet is a brutal market, such as chat tools, only one QQ the most powerful; such as shopping platform, Taobao occupy the most market share; another example of Baidu search engine, only one, the other are the clouds…… The Internet of infinite possibilities, however, the ultimate winner is only one operation, personal website, the only way is to segment and segment, and achieve the ultimate user experience and demand is the sole criterion for testing the ultimate.

free resources on the Internet will gradually "dry up"

Internet users are accustomed to free, but this situation is gradually reduced. After the merger of Tudou and Youku, Internet users found that free resources on video sites did not grow, but they continued to decrease, while relatively paid items gradually increased, and some free video resources were added to 1-2 minutes of advertising. With the development of the Internet and the convenience of the Internet, operating websites also need financial support. For this, individual stationmaster also seeks profit way actively. The biggest disadvantage of the free model is that Internet users are surrounded by a lot of spam. Once you want to find information about something, the search results will eventually be charged to you,


only in the interests of the economy driven, the site can continue to expand, extend and develop. Many people are trying a way, that is, traffic and then sell advertising to make money, which is one of the earliest personal website profit model, hoping to get more user access, and then click advertising profits. In real life, we often see the streets, a lot of people are issuing some free magazines, newspapers and so on. Comparison of these magazines, newspapers and regular newspapers, in addition to outside recreation and did not provide more useful things for us, and it is full of advertising, only has certain needs of users to watch, this free way is the final result always stays in the lower stage, it is difficult to have room to rise. This is why the current traffic alone to the user click advertising profits of the webmaster, one of the basic reasons for the survival of the difficult situation.

users how to pay in the Internet, this is the direction of personal webmaster need to grasp. Of course, in the Internet, there are specialized search for business opportunities users, or, as the rise of online e-commerce, more Internet users like shopping online. Purchase, they have the potential to make money for the Taobao off site became a hot concern with people’s personal website, online shopping behavior continues to mature, adding more Taobao customers, Taobao customers living space constantly reduced. So, how do you develop yourself further,


buy and share, which will eventually get user


buy Group website has experienced two years of surging clouds, more buy site was shot dead on the beach. We can not deny that, now personal website profit can not be separated from the goods, or as Taobao customers to help people sell goods, earn commissions, or buy like a group website, buy a commission……


How to run the website the stationmaster that grasps user demand is more easy to live