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is a group of poor people is the webmaster, spent a lot of time and manpower, from day to night, from night to day, struggling to keep a desire to do. I believe that people are utilitarian animals, when you know that you can make money after you make a website, our goal is undoubtedly staring at everyone’s favorite money. However, when many of our webmaster have been found a lot of emaciation with sallow complexion, money, floating out a little money. Here, I rely on some personal experience, simple talk about simple site, simple money to make new methods, I hope you can give the vast number of people who are still suffering kind of, in fact, a little bit of direction.

our principle is easy to build, make money easy. Is there such a way? Yes, there is.

1. mobile crazy collection method:

this method is a lot of friends just entering the webmaster circle. The easiest way to think of it. Input analysis: a set of Mobile Free Edition Plus official template [free], 1G space [250-300 yuan], COM domain name [50 yuan] =350 yuan. The webmaster needs to do is choose a topic, don’t too miscellaneous, can refer to the content of the Baidu index, the theme is fine, the better. The difficulty of this method is that the acquisition rules of dynamic need to start from new learning, and the server also supports the acquisition of components. The threat of this approach is that Baidu is likely to stop.

summary: site costs: 9 points, easy to operate: 8.5 points were K index: 9.5 points, the actual probability of success: 30%

2. data purchase generation method

now, whether it is Taobao or outdated, there are many sites to sell data, it also provides a very simple way for easy site. By buying the entire amount of data, you just need to produce data, so that the more data you have, the more traffic you can get, and the greater the opportunity to make a profit. Operation suggestion: 500 yuan of data suggest that you don’t buy, because if the price is very cheap, buy more people, later, repeatability is very high. Investment analysis: site station data [500] according to the data size,.COM domain name [50] =800 yuan. The difficulty of this method is that it is difficult to get a good data. The threat of the method: data is completely duplicated, Baidu plucked.

summary: site costs: 8 points, easy to operate: 9 points were K index: 9.9 points, the actual probability of success: 45%

3. do GGfirefox browser download

online introduction, do a lot of Firefox methods, and the masters are all into hundred knives, do this, we just need a.Cn domain name, 50m space and a perfect promotion idea on it. Space recommends that you buy foreign countries >

Easy station happy to make money