want to do website must go through continuous improvement, the revision is the station we do have a lot of people was the only way which must be passed, in the optimization of the web site only remember: "content is king, the chain for emperor " the traditional theory, but also some experienced a webmaster will pay attention to the construction of the chain. However, the construction of our website is a very comprehensive, there are so many flaw in the plan when the need to care about the details, some key neglected will affect the success of the revision, so today we will talk about what details is when we building a website to ignore the.

a dynamic website is directly converted to a static web site

many webmaster listen to pure static pages for the engine is good, in fact, this is just the work more efficient with the help of engines, is not to say that the engine does not work, spiders in the grab your site, is mainly based on your inner chain network and ROBOT.txt processing but, since our website to excellence, a lot of old sites are using the dynamic pages, and many webmaster through exchange programs to direct the dynamic to static, the result is necessarily engine on your processing, a pen is to open the Taobao customer address disguise and pseudo static, the result to K now there is no recovery.

solution: accurate should be best to wait for the engine of nature included static pages on your site, and then give the engine a adapt to the transition time, this engine will think you are modest update on your site, will not be affected too great, another point, the weight of relatively high some pages or sub page, remember to do 301 directional.

two yuan mark change too fast, too

A lot of ALT, H1, H2 and Title are labeled

on our website, the content is often very long time will not change, in the revision of the time, many websites to love these marks to take on an altogether new aspect, all change a lot, but the engine has a review mechanism, will think of you this is the transfer of high weight page or hijacking weight, may on your page for a drop right processing.

solution: avoid changes in time too, the best is the level of gradual change, and not all at once into the new engine will be good, also requires a new understanding of your time, slowly, everything will be ok.

three irrational modification of breadcrumbs and other main navigation

some Webmaster Station has been for some years, may be content to add on has been under a lot of effort, the website structure is very large, in this case, the site of some of the original main chain structure, such as a breadcrumb you can, there is a fixed guide line for spider it is time to this CIS > Qingjushulu

The website construction is particularly easy to ignore details

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