introduction: recently run a blog site, from filing to the normal line through a total of not more than 1 months time, today check the traffic statistics, found today visiting more than 900 IP yesterday was 500, and the traffic is rising in, how I do drive write out to share with everyone.

I contact site has nearly seven years of time, the official website for only a year, at this time of the year I built a lot of website, used DZ forum, blog program and dream weaving program, there are several procedures, a long time is to use the DZ factory Forum Forum program to do.

factory forum is the theme of a well-known domestic electronics factory staff exchange positioning, seven years ago, a friend of mine to do an electronic factory, forum operation to now weight to 4, and PR also to 6.


In fact, these

data can not explain what, positioning is the factory forum first, the user is very clear is a small circle, the user is the most work in the electronics factory workers, or just want to know the factory of social workers. My friend did this forum in that electronic factory is very influential, many labor intermediary he has cooperation, labor want to hire, go to his forum to buy advertising, and the effect is very good;

because electronic plants are young people, like travel, travel agents are also looking for his forum to buy advertising, base, his BBS advertising is full, Baidu alliance what, he never again. In his words, that is, with the Baidu alliance, advertisers have to go to Baidu promotion, ha ha, in fact, otherwise, after all, with Baidu promotion, the cost is not low.

pull away, then I also operate such a forum on electronic factory, a famous domestic electronic factory location, operation after three months of weight is 4, the weight is actually very good do, aimed at a few key words, and then put these keywords optimization to the home page, the weight will be in a few days you the website up. My forum is to do three keyword, index has two in more than 500, among them one is in more than 2000. The main lifting weight keyword, or this more than 2000 index word?.

can really bring traffic IP keywords, in fact, not the main keywords, but long tail keywords, every day to see traffic statistics, and later found to bring IP are long tail keywords. Every day I found a new long tail keywords will focus on the development of long tail keywords ten long tail keywords, so insist on a month that traffic has more than 2000, traffic is also more and more every day from Baidu. And from Sogou to flow is doubled.

, this forum has been operating for three months, and then was bought by a local service agent for 4000 yuan. To tell you the truth, the forum is not really a man’s business. It’s really tiring. Every day to clean up junk posts, water stickers, advertising, often JC uncle drink tea, and then I really can not afford, and simply sold

Webmaster share seven new day website day P achieve 900

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