Internet is changing every day, and the way of information push and the way to accept information are also moving forward. 2013 has been more than four months every day the Internet information station information about WeChat attention is a hot, hot on the Internet after the revolution with electronic commerce, mobile Internet garrison, social information and how to make good use of every information platform as an Internet thinking? The castaways from the media small grassroots uses an actual example to write something about how to operate an official micro-blog


is thinking now that every website (social class, photo class, etc.) should be able to find a tipping point, and we can only make a little bit of effort by constantly trying. Micro-blog’s strength is still strong, many traditional companies already have the official business of micro-blog, so Sina for micro-blog activity how a good operator activity? Bring unexpected results, following by the Internet combined with the recent drifter do a real example to micro-blog official Bo wrote this article micro-blog marketing activities.

Internet drifters comb the Sina campaign from the following:

(1) prophase: micro-blog activity market research.

we take this as the first point, as an official activity, we need to choose what kind of activities, micro-blog activities have three kinds: City activities, awards activities, online activities. Then we do a manual activity when the park’s official website of market research, several times on the three parts including: 1, are the official certification (with 2 confidence), all kinds of activities in the number 3 inside the analysis, what are their prizes (this is not a particularly important example: a product of Bo) activity: a small pack of 4 gold. Study in the top two pages and other headlines, content 5. Think about why other people’s official website can be ranked in the top three

(2) enterprise micro-blog activity planning purpose / goal

I think it should be a small talk, every activity, so to illustrate. Three points: 1, increase the number of fans in the official business of the 2 enterprises, exposure 3 micro-blog fans interaction degree (this is because many fans are now micro-blog special activities, this) interaction degree is not very high but can improve the content of spread. In fact, I would like to do a parked enterprise official micro-blog, think of a goal is to achieve micro-blog activities before the top three, or the first page, which is understood by the Internet drifters outside of the activities of the enlightenment goal (meaning is extraordinary).

(3) micro-blog activity content planning analysis

is a product of micro-blog Bo official activities to do three kinds of activities before the observation above (1) which said you can see several objective factors including 1, each one people activity / participation activities such as online – send blessings which can be seen, so the entire enterprise dynamic >

How do you run an official micro blog event

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