beauty makeup community, let others in the United States when the United States, they have to be beautiful. Only in this way, the make-up community will be able to name the vertical community and become another climax of the mobile Internet era".

is one of the most ancient form of Internet products, vertical community a bit down on the luck.

is not like search, electricity providers, social bred BAT such a big Mac, no comment, such as group purchase products through the ups and downs of still tossing and turning in on the road to profitability, but did not encounter the sharing economy like air, and there has been tepid in the wave of the internet.

But the

vertical community on the track is still full of entrepreneurs, the nearest beauty community even more, both the "beauty", "beauty tea", "beauty of experience" and more entrepreneurial products, also known, shell and so on knowledge sharing in the community beauty sector, even this kind of Internet NetEase veteran hatch "NetEase aesthetics" such beauty knowledge platform.

is so crowded, beauty community really make vertical community a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment?

good news is that beauty has never been so stately "".

despite the beauty of the matter, in the early days of Adam and Eve have appeared, originally for courtship, now not for courtship.

is now all kinds of beauty retouching tools into their production line of beauty. But compared to the P diagram of such small engineering and plastic surgery, degeneration of such large projects, engineering quantity little makeup is still all women (or men) the best choice.

straight cancer we may never be able to imagine a KOL took out a lipstick for this group of young girls attractive. Take foreign KOL for example, YouTube, a professional make-up artist in the UK, Wayne Goss, has launched a make-up brush that sells for as much as $265, but sells it in five minutes.

on the other hand, the conventional community products do not serve the queen well.

first, incomplete information, according to incomplete statistics, the total number of beauty skin care brands in the world there are about 3 million species, but the domestic consumers can reach only 30 million, which is 90% of the beauty or blind information.

second, the information content is not good enough, the beauty is fragmented, scattered information, real information and ads, hybrid scientific knowledge and misunderstanding of the coexistence of rumors, a basic make-up novice cannot find suitable for their own products and beauty tips.

again, most beauty community products there are still some problems, such as serious homogenization, what do what popular quick; too many ideas, interests, by buying bulk flow, contents such as cheating cheat investment of the It is often seen. etc..

huge market demand and not satisfied with the status of the industry, so that later people see the opportunity, but there is opportunity >

Four questions nterpretation of beauty community really make vertical community a feeling of exalta

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