first, I not only write down the screenwriter, graduated four years of experience, is the true story of.

second, hope that personal experience for university graduates to help, don’t reckon, because when I graduated I also reckon how not graduated from a famous university, Never mind how parents, how to work so hard, why life is so difficult…

finally, I’d like to reiterate that college is just an experience, training is an experience, and life is an experience,

" master takes in the door, practices in the individual " the real technology is on his own.

, don’t think you’re going to go to college or get a training, NB,.

society is a real university,.

if you are a patient and patient person, I would advise you not to read.

dedicate this article to colleagues who are striving for their dreams.

1 dreams of happy crying

everyone has his own dream, his dream is different, his goal is different, but everyone is fighting for his dream.

August 14, 2004 (Saturday), I alone came to Beijing, took a bag, with a borrowed 2000 yuan of money, why do you come to Beijing? Specific reasons to say, for their own dreams! Only know of the Beijing tian~an-door, the Imperial Palace, the Great Wall, Tsinghua, north, Zhongguancun…

just got off the train, called home, reported peace, and then where to go? Where should I go? I don’t know where to go. The car is coming, the crowd is crowded…

lost the direction, do not know where to go, go to Zhongguancun, interested in computer, Zhongguancun is expected to be better than Shijiazhuang Taihe, the west railway station do not know how the car, ask the security, the security guard said do not know, halo… Zhongguancun is so famous, that people do not know, let me surprised.

no way, they wander, later found to have the car to Zhongguancun, overjoyed… Beautiful night in Beijing, to Zhongguancun, to see the dragon building, feel good, but not in the mood, was late in the evening, it is to find a place to live, began to go down the road, to find that in Zhongguancun Peking University and Tsinghua so close, you have some time in the University of Zhongguancun and take a look, now I want to find a house to live, finally found an acceptable Hostel, " ": North blue Institute; a room of 6 people, 20 yuan a night on the bed. That made money, rice also didn’t eat, tired, stiff, lay down and fell asleep…

woke up and found out that it was second days. It was noon, and he was hungry. He remembered he had only one meal yesterday, and he was hungry

A history of the struggles of 80 students who have been called three disabled

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