today to work early in the morning to open the browser and QQ, found that the major site of Baidu news in downtime, unable to access the news headlines. Many webmaster also reaction, from seven in the morning can’t access or jump English YAHOO page. After querying the WHOIS information of the domain name, it is found that the Baidu domain name can not be solved analytically. Internet users in some areas visit Baidu domain name will jump to a Iran hacker website, Baidu domain name suspected of being tampered with by hackers in Iran rumors. Earlier in the day, Baidu official announcement, because Baidu domain name in the United States domain name registrar was illegally tampered with, resulting in can not be normal access. For users who cannot access through, Baidu suggests searching through Around 12 noon, Baidu issued a notice again, saying that Beijing has returned to normal service. And said that as of noon, IP resolution service in the Beijing region has returned to normal, IP analysis of other parts of the country is also being restored. According to Adsense network survey found that, as of the afternoon, when the author published articles, most areas of Baidu has returned to normal access.

for Baidu access to fault events, Baidu itself is not a small loss, Robin Li in I post bar also post lamented: "unprecedented."." Baidu’s share price also fell sharply today. And the webmaster for Baidu black attitude, some said that Baidu was black they more or less there will be some loss, hope Baidu compensation, some owners said their site is relatively stable, Baidu has little influence on the black. In general, the webmaster is some complain, some does not matter, there is also a small part of the webmaster mind Emmanuel thought with the hype of the event. Review the past online hot events, like several times before XX door, the recent popular movie Avatar, every time will be used, so as to produce a group of classic event marketing case. This estimate is no exception. Some owners have begun with the hype is a black Baidu, either in the IM tools, or in the micro blog (, SNS website, Baidu share is black links to your website, so as to achieve diversion effect. With the event marketing case there are many, let us analyze below.

one, soft wen. Needless to say. Soft text promotion when the webmaster must lesson. This time is no exception. Many owners of the Baidu is black, or to express their views to promote their own websites, either by the said his website because Baidu was black losses, denounced Baidu claims indirect publicity website. Or express your website belongs to vertical division industry class website, user stability, Baidu included stability, even don’t rely on Baidu, and share your operation experience, so as to hype your website. Can also take Google articles, speculation Google for the black suspect. In brief, soft Wen is >

How to use popular events to promote marketing from Baidu hacked

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