listing is clearly an important means for some companies to seek investment and continue to develop, which includes where to go and two small partners in 58 city. As two different theme information "sales", and 58 Where do in this industry is quite satisfactory, in the first echelon of the industry development team. Of course, this does not mean anything, because from the current situation, both are constrained by financial difficulties, a half earned $280 thousand, and one is still losing money. But this is such a state, two small partners have been actively seeking opportunities in the United States IPO, what is the intention behind this?


is 58 and where to go to also understand their current situation, the increasingly fierce market competition, there is no more space for survival and development, and with the product system of precipitation, now the cost of acquiring new users are also gradually improve, not only that, as the traditional profit mode, click on the ads has reached saturation. At this time if you can’t get further development and investment capital, then wait for their must be abandoned the market and users. But with warm does not have any ideal, in the face of mishap not profitable, and 58 Where the future is still questionable.

1 the single profit model and saturation are on both sides of the outside world for criticism, although the 58 products and to where is not an industry, but the two sides are relying on the transaction flow and survival, it can be said that everyone in the form of selling products, but now the situation is not good to sell products, but advertising pages grab the limelight, too dependent on advertising has been highlighted in the development process is not stable.

2 professional and the confidence is another big problem faced at the present stage of the two, although where claim their technical superiority the one and only cloud computing platform, data updating based on the maximum reliability, speed and trust, but from where the results, where desktop income does not account for the majority of the opposite but where value-added services accounted for the majority, look at the 58 situation is not where, as a representative of the classified information, 58 is also done a lot to try the electricity, marriage and other high profit industries 58 are done, only because of the effort involved and resources is too large, plus on the 58 may not let the narrow market space has quit.


also has a wedding ring, real estate, a number of high profit areas but the realization of workplace, 58 efforts did not translate into effect, but also produce some black intermediary, self wings using 58 platform advantage plump. These black intermediary are not illegal, just do some marketing information, in the face of increasing user cost increases, resulting in 58 for these teams did not exert more pressure, but the choice of a more benign cycle of use, which is obviously challenging decision.

3 profitability and professionalism problems are actually only external causes, the real impact of 58 and where to go is the strategic direction. As a leader in the tourism industry, where to go, though not fast enough?

Earnings can also be listed Talking about the financing way of 58 and where to go

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