2009 years Internet webmaster will be held in May, this is the head of the party, will to survive and develop, the growth in the end "as the slogan, to explore the effects of the financial crisis in 09 years, the development of the Internet in the spring will come again, the development of personal website how to strive for further improvement.

‘s personal website, which took the Internet express a few years ago, has grown to a certain size, although it has suffered a 08 year financial storm, but its impact is relatively small. Personal website has accumulated a lot of experience on the road of development in a few years, can not do without technology, can not be separated from innovation, and can not be separated from the brand. Brand is the life of an enterprise. If an enterprise wants to obtain long-term development, it is necessary to form its own brand. If it does not form a brand effect, it is difficult to stand in the fierce competition in the industry. Website also need to form a brand, can be bigger and stronger, in order to retain users for a long time, maintain traffic, such as Sina, Baidu.

webmaster network admin5.com from 2005 site so far, has gone through 4 years. The site is under the guidance of the king, step by step, solid development, by the webmaster friends support and affirmation, so far, Adsense network registered member more than 150 thousand, trading BBS registered member more than 200 thousand. The beginning of the site map of the king in the service of grassroots webmaster, provide information platform for the majority of owners, provide third party credit transaction platform for the purpose of expanding the network owners, today the formation site status, at the same time, also in the development process to form their own brand.

webmaster network slogan is, do webmaster will on the website, is also toward this goal. The development of a website is from small to large, and constantly improve, but the site to a certain scale, must form its own brand. Adsense network is in the transition from personal station to brand station later, basically formed its own brand. In stationmaster’s general idea, stationmaster net is brand. Baidu, Google included fast, high user access, advertising effect is better. Large to a group, small to a web site, only the formation of a brand, the user will be recognized, in order to occupy the market.

in the 07 year CNNIC yuan.Cn domain registration activities, CNNIC launched 1 yuan of registered domain name is greatly promoted the development of personal website industry, but if the change is the other name of Server Co would be difficult to achieve this effect. After all, CNNIC has formed its own brand, and has been recognized by users, before the emergence of domain name registration hot scenes. This is the strength of the brand. In a word, whether it is in the virtual world of the Internet or in real life, brand image has become the core of the enterprise and team, and has promoted the development of the enterprise.

at present, the webmaster network has formed reputation and brand, the number of forum transactions have begun to take shape, and rising. "Domestic Internet October market transaction bulletin" shows that in October through the webmaster Trading Forum bbs.admin5.com/ intermediary transaction list close to 31>

Brand is the life of website development

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