Hello! I am the global auto parts network (www.znqpw.com) webmaster, glad to meet you here! Since I started the site set up to now, there are a few months. Really, these people really difficult!

in this era of information technology, there are a lot of people think that rely on the website can make a world of their own. I also naive to think that this is very easy, but when I really do that, did not think so perfect. Let everyone enjoy the experience of my next with me! Is not what experience, barely able to count a little of his own experience


global auto parts network and the station in July this year, the college entrance examination was just not long after the end of my grades can be said is not ideal, resolutely chose to give up his studies. I started the road of the webmaster, just when the establishment of the domain name and space light. I spent nearly 3000 dollars.

slowly began the site of the road, first of all to do promotion. At first I thought every day around the world there are so many people on the Internet, as long as the site, a day hundreds of thousands of flow is not what. So the increase in the website promotion. Add articles, better website Forum Riga and blog articles. The relevant QQ shouting. One day traffic and again how can’t add one thousand. I really want to give up


but because of good friend, still insist on down. After two months of hard work, finally included in the site up, looked at the site included the increase of the time, the heart also saw hope. Always said to myself, I don’t have for a long time, the station will be better


looked at the site progress day by day, psychological really happy.8 months, finally pulled to the site of the first batch of business; at that time, to do auto parts manufacturers to pull the registered members, a failure. Give yourself hit really big, also had the idea of quitting. But has tread on this Road, there is no need to choose to give up, after several days of hard work, finally give yourself to pull a few customers.

because of their advantages to the absolute, they promised to free advertising on the site. Maybe they thought is only a few hundred dollars, not casually, don’t care. But it is a kind of encouragement to me.

slowly see the increase in site traffic, the rise in PR value, the heart has too much comfort, and their efforts finally did not waste


now this station has been nearly 4 months, still feel good! At least for the future is to see hope! This time to own or not in vain, although there have been ups and downs, but it is not important to.

hope experienced webmaster to see my article can go to my website to see, give experience. Thank you!


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The road of stationmaster after graduating from high school

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