close to the Spring Festival, Guan City’s heart is full of frustration. He is studying computer department of Beijing a key university student, in October 2008, he and three classmates to pay for their own money and borrowing from relatives and friends, save 180 thousand yuan to develop a "Guessing" game, but a few days ago, because of funding problems just lost the game started the opportunity.

now, there are too many web game development teams in the city. "I even saw a person developing web games."." An industry source said, but now many development teams have quit.

in fact, when these developers decided to enter the industry – from September 2008 to November, web games had reached an almost white hot stage, with a large number of web games emerging. But now, they are almost always went to the capital to be depleted, operation time at.

looked lively, in fact it is difficult to do in the eyes of eCapital director Ni Fan, "particularly as the game was a smash hit" blog "and community forum, this product will not produce like giants giants.

is hot for a while,

also known as Web games web games, use the browser to play without having to download the client, any place, any time, on any computer as long as you can open the IE browser, 10 seconds to enter the game, turn off or switch is very convenient, especially for working people, don’t have to worry about work to play the game by the boss caught a.

, a web game that was a flash in the 90s of the last century, has revived since 2006. The "foreground" of web games is described as attractive: for white-collar workers, the player has a low threshold for entry; the online game ready profit model can be transplanted over; the development cost is low. In 2007, these web based games have brought in $210 million in revenue for their American counterparts.

in a VC in the hands of an investment feasibility report, clearly written: "in the game proceeds mode is unique and rich, all large-scale online games available profit model, can be copied: advertising + sell props can be achieved with various kinds of value-added services to realize the combination, and can be easily and the inter – and intra industry cooperation etc..

"initial success from the grand sun. Income was already high." IResearch analyst Zhao Xufeng told the newspaper, and now relatively high income is the nine dimensional interactive martial arts series, web games and Hangzhou music port two companies.

an industry insider revealed a very alarming figure, there are at least 300 development team doing web games, these products have appeared on the market may have been nearly 400, however, only about ten of the profits.


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