said the micro providers should be the most hot topic, after a peaceful Spring Festival, micro business in the WeChat red strong drive, can be described as "micro world, let mobile phone control are greatly praised, micro business of the road is in the use of spring sowing potential and germination. The WeChat era is the era of everyone is a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, race each other, one after another, people walking on the road of derivative is a duck, there is still talk about "give dying kicks, slightly pale, micro business world in the end is what kind of environment, different people have different views, in fact there is no doubt WeChat platform the micro operator of the macro is unavoidable, when it comes to specific details or It differs from man to man. Below, through the "one point three lines" approach to the analysis of micro business operators.

first of all, why do the world? Good faith two words absolutely stand in the first. Therefore, relying on good faith as the cornerstone, this can be seen from the WeChat itself literally, one or two, it was said that WeChat marketing is actually a kind of trust marketing, friendship marketing is not without reason. Between the terms is a kind of trust, to maintain this relationship in practice depends on the integrity of the whole idea of micro operators left the two words, can be said to be can’t do anything, many people often stumble on some petty profits, this phenomenon not only exists in the micro business, is also widespread in all walks of life this, if a man does not repent, ultimately there is no good fruit to eat. Then, how to build a micro business integrity, the whole world, Kung Fu also needs to be used in peacetime, bit by bit accumulation, there will be endless effect. Good faith in peacetime, keep a promise inviolate give more real, genuine goods at a fair price, and so on, but also everyday things, maybe it will set the people to trust you. In a word, a long-term view will lead to long-term benefits.

secondly, supply is the starting line. The first point of a micro business start, is to find out the market, although the direction is very important, but the implementation is the first step in the supply, which involves the micro operators take the very simple goods is not cheap goods, it is necessary to consider the specific consumer groups in the market, how much profit. The competition in the market there are many strong, these preliminary investigation is not small. Of course, the micro business circles pay attention to a team, such as first-line second-line second-line development, led the three or four line, and so on, look at the marketing mode off, listening to excitement, but really to the implementation of the implementation of market, it is difficult to open, is the real life mask and soap that God large development space, is indeed puzzling, but the Internet has the mystery secret derived articles, it is a derivative of fool road. Because there are many micro dealers and not through market research, analysis, but direct agent, because the input of less, even if the loss does not matter. So, want to do micro business friends, the first step we need to be careful because after a good, strong and big, or find it all the way to depend on it.

followed by a possible cutoff line for marketing. Speaking of micro business marketing is really a big topic, the purpose of marketing is very simple, first of all let everyone know you this

Under the eaves of WeChat how should micro dealers grope for their own way of doing business

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