with the group buying network talk about, we are watching Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang, suning.com, many electricity supplier wars, shopping shopping community quietly come.

shopping sharing community is a model of Taobao customer development up to now the most successful shopping, share a characteristic of the community is the largest share, by sharing their own discoveries guide other users to buy Taobao Tmall to get a commission, created the model of mogujie.com and beauty have become the dominant party.

said that Taobao customers will have to say that some of the development of Taobao has gone through.

The development of

Taobao customers can be divided into several stages:

, a forum, then the forum is very simple and very easy, as long as the efforts of a multiple point Amoy advertising revenue is very impressive, but such advertising posts later more and more difficult to send to go.

two, API age, that time as long as a API station can let Baidu collected a great deal and then wait for the money, can be said to catch up with how many people are issued, then Baidu blocked API station a few call it all down.

three, a single page, single page guest SEOer causes, it is easy to make money, then do SEO Tao training the loudest slogan is "ten thousand", of course, with the Baidu algorithm change this method do not last long, but later clever SEOer the invention of the method of blog and JS call a single page until now is still a lot of Amoy most mainstream.

four, sharing era, along with mogujie.com and beautiful rise shopping sharing community sites such as fast out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain hat, of course, imitate mogujie.com and beautiful that open source also came into being, has more well-known history of Party dimension, pinphp, Mito Xiu from the Taobao customer development can be seen to have in the operation of personal development to the present by the company or team in operation, more and more large scale promotion more and more difficult.

(www.gemeipu.com) on the following gemei shop shopping share promotion and operation of community website to make some suggestions.

, a program of choice, in fact the procedures are similar, are Taobao, Tmall, the acquisition pat, Jingdong product information, but the proposal was to use dimension and pinphp, because the show after the picture is collected in the local sponsor, this will result in a lot of information for the server, of course. In the local sponsor for the optimization also have certain benefits, so personal.

two, in the station optimization, must do nofollow, some unnecessary links, such as landing, registration, jump to buy Taobao link, do nofollow, this is conducive to catch spiders.

three, orientation, community sharing, and a development

How to promote operate shopping share community websites

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