a few days ago with a friend last night trading site, handover issues are dealt with properly, the ready to contact the East sub section, but found that he did not reflect Q, contacted several other intermediary A5 forum, have no reaction, and then shelved, this morning. Quite wonder, usually Dong Zi, they did not sleep so early, ah, how Q did not respond? And usually very lively A5 webmaster group is also very quiet.

Many webmaster found are discussing this matter, in the A5 forum and Guo Zong fast allusion net found

this morning, the original public users of QQ in exchange for Christmas Eve "died" in the middle of the night, "Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, South Korea, Japan, foreign America, Australia the position of users through different channels reflects the problems of the QQ, QQ space can not login, QQ group messaging no response (a few groups to exchange), a separate chat no response (very few people are able to talk alone), no official response, QQ group sharing service forum has been bursting……

cut-off knife time, Tencent official has not explained, on Christmas Eve, the number of online QQ peak time, but Tencent gave us such a big joke, QQ you "see" me, I see you, but unable to communicate each other, perhaps we usually see horses too tired. Want to let everyone rest early.

for website promotion and communication needs of individual stationmaster is the basic and QQ all day dealing with this Christmas Eve QQ died with a warning to us?

does not harm the user’s confidence in the site

              QQ Christmas Eve "died" incident at least from the social repercussions of Tencent more or less have a certain influence, but also may be part of the loss of business users. When everyone would like to use the QQ to send a blessing when the friends and family, but because it’s "death" and to bless the late hours. Do the essence is to do service, so we do when the site if you hurt the user trust in the website, users need the information provided on this site is due to the negligence of the webmaster can’t provide timely to the user, the user in urgent need to obtain information from the web site when suddenly unable to open, direct consequences may be loss of loyalty user.

site operations should strive to grasp the user’s loyalty to the site

              although the "death" event has influence to the Tencent, but the impact is not big, for each user, with no QQ of no great importance is important for each user, friends are using QQ, in order to connect with friends, even hate to continue with go on, so Tencent will not because of the "death" event and its influence on the users of the market share. Everything has a special case, suppose me >

The warning on Christmas Eve QQ death for personal webmaster

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