as the saying goes, "things are scarce.". Even if it is a very common thing originally, but once marked "scarce" mark, people often will be treasures. It also reflects to some extent the people fear a psychological characteristics of lost, and many businesses will seize this kind of psychological characteristics of consumers, deliberately creating a "scarce" environment, in order to achieve their purpose of marketing. And this principle applies to website operation above also applies.

we often see the "limited amount, buy, stop," and so on in some of the electricity supplier websites. This is the website deliberately creating a scarcity, hoping to stimulate consumer spending. Of course, shaping the scarcity of this strategy, in addition to some of the electricity supplier category site, also applies to some of the new on-line web site.

website in the initial operation, you can choose to use this way to a short period of time to increase the site’s own flow, registered users and volume, and so on. While Apple and Millet’s success is largely due to the unique marketing strategy, although millet Lei Jun said the scarcity of mobile phone supplier capacity insufficient, but we have to admit that it is the so-called "shortage" just let millet with today’s brilliant achievements.

‘s strategy for creating scarcity is also known as hunger marketing or hunger marketing. Song Congming, the strategy of shaping scarcity is simply divided into three categories: limited quantity, limited time, and the creation of scarce environments.


is limited in number,

first, let’s talk about "limited quantity". This strategy is also the most common in Internet marketing. Usually some e-commerce sites or training site hit "limited purchased" slogan, the emphasis of this strategy is the number, and give some appropriate sales data such as "sold XX" to stimulate the user’s desire to buy. In the form of numbers, it creates an invisible pressure on the minds of users, forcing them to make decisions early.

limited time,

next, we’ll talk about the "limited time", Song Congming personally think that compared with the "limited" strategy, "limited time" to increase inside the user’s sense of urgency, by the time the way to tell your users his students don’t have much time.

and "limited" and "limited time" on the marketing, the former is more suitable for clearance sale activities such as applicable to some is under the frame or is sold out products, these goods sold no more, sale means. The latter is suitable for some popular commodities or the real value of the goods in the view of users. Of course, this strategy applies to some virtual objects too. After all, the virtual is not necessarily as easy to calculate as the physical objects, such as the invitation code and soft > > for the forum registration

The scarcity of website operation strategy

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