has been involved in website building for many years, and has recently noticed that every aspect of project management has a huge impact on website production. It had been thought that web production was influenced by the extent to which the project manager had knowledge of the internet. However, in the new company, with a few can not count on the Internet expert project manager to build the site. Through well-designed processes, the project manager follows the process in a rigorous and step-by-step manner, and eventually finds that the site is doing it quickly and nicely. In addition, I didn’t spend much effort on it, nor did I need any technical participation. I built a beautiful website in 2 weeks.

, this is their work:




we can see, although this is not a very difficult site, but the construction of the site effect is very good, customers also quickly accepted the site. Now let me introduce the project management process of these website construction.

first: demand research

demand research is often neglected part of, and even will be regarded as a symbolic step, even the customer is not very important, hastily asked us to enter the construction work. In fact, the most important purpose of this link is to "translate" the true meaning of the customer. Because customers do not understand, so often think of what to say, the terms used by both parties may be different meanings. So, although we hear the customer’s request, but it is likely that we are not talking about the same thing. Therefore, this needs research is to identify with customers what he is most valued. At the same time, I suggest collecting a large number of web page maps to show him which one he wants most. In this way, the project manager can basically replace the customer’s vision, and the natural thing behind it is quite consistent with the customer.

second: ask for material

must collect a large amount of material before starting the design. This saves a lot of design time and allows the project manager to have a more sensitive understanding of the site. The most important thing is that customers can contribute and contribute to this project. Otherwise, they will only stand there, pointing fingers, do not know the hardships of the work. Don’t be stingy with your time and transportation costs. You’d better run to the client and share the material with him. Copy will be back.

third: web file planning

this link is not done before part of the company, but also now we project management among the most critical link. It is this link that has greatly optimized the entire project management and production.

, we’ve listed all the columns of the site through a table, and then listed the actual pages after the site is built

The project management process determines the effect of website construction

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