has no intention of visiting A5 today. He saw the article "19 effective websites promotion methods", discussed the website promotion, and had a long time and watched it with patience. That’s very good, basically put on the web site promotion methods include the very full, but all but made me think of another question, in so many website promotion methods, and it is suitable for their website, use website positioning result of different website promotion practices are absolutely different, any website can not use so many so-called web promotion methods at the same time.

here on the heart according to the different types of Web sites to choose their own way of promotion, if your website is a so-called QQ station or the station, and compared with other stations, whether the domain name or the content did not feature a few articles page updated daily is copied from other places. The purpose of promotion is obtained even to improve the site’s search rankings, so as to enhance your site traffic, if this type of website with the so-called QQ group promotion, mail… Etc., did not reach their promotion purpose. The following are to flow type, brand, business type two sites, say more appropriate site promotion techniques.

traffic website: traffic is divided into two types, one is really about sex is also useful for traffic, the transformation platform of interest rate on the website of the help of IP, we have tentatively scheduled for valuable or targeted traffic. Another is to flow on the site but don’t have any fundamental value of the flow, such as the station I (http://s.zenyangjianfei.cn) weight class, if you use some color style to those smelly man to promote it, even if the flow rate of IP day can bring you a thousand but the one thousand flow IP how much value, believe that every webmaster do want to understand this problem. Flow type simple website, personally think that the main means of search optimization or for common promotion, because the site’s profit model is the most flow into some of the Advertising Association, according to statistics with the type of Web site traffic from search engine 80%. This kind of website is more suitable for SNS website, soft text promotion method, submit to the website promotion method, search engine promotion method, soft text BBS promotion method, blog promotion method, etc..

brand business website: such sites typically rely on a single advertising alliance to get the benefits, but does not rule out to fill with advertising, after all SINA this station also put GG advertising, but the main source of income for advertising, package month or in the package. Stationmaster net admin5.com this point we can look at everyone frequented, everyone should know. Such sites in the promotion will not be able to search in the first place, need is a means of marketing for the original happy net, the original "happy net" three words if according to the website optimization point of view to consider the word root >

How to find a suitable site for their promotion techniques

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