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after three years of operation of the site, to A5 and share their own successful experience, but not to have shared his failure, although said that failure is the mother of success, but after all, after the success of the experience is more attractive, but he spent three years of youth, the exchange is hundred-percent. With the failure, people think it is necessary to share, at least there is a pedagogical effect.

three years of experience in the establishment of the site, the failure of the pain record

three years ago, the most popular is the legendary game website, as a person, certainly is a good choice, operation, and paid for a legendary website, from the domain name to the host to the station program how also spent four thousand or five thousand yuan, although the final investment through their own efforts or earn back, but unfortunately, the legendary neared nirvana in operation, just because they were reported, the final server was ordered to shut down.

although operation legendary ultimately failed, but after all is up a certain experience, and see many webmaster have entered Taobao off the field, which at the time, it is unusually hot, easily earn tens of thousands of yuan, but when I came into the Taobao off the army, but I have no dream and the Taobao customer margin, project choice, hope to be able to take a single, have a good income, so I chose some profits of Taobao products, such as slimming products, slimming products list but after successful construction, advertising through various channels, but the end is still running.

then because of L-carnitine station group occupies almost Baidu’s own website home page, it is difficult to have the light of day, no matter how hard, the site has been hovering at Baidu after five pages, this ranking, want to make money through Taobao, itself is not practical, in the effort for half a year, or give up your weight loss Taobao guest.

later, also tried to run local portal, although their locality have several types of local portal sites, but then think of their own web site also has more than two years, has accumulated a lot of experience, by virtue of their own efforts and popularity, operating a local portal, certainly can have competition opponents, but the final result, but ended in failure.

The reflection of

as a warning for the future after the station to do first

in the Internet business, looks like the behavior of individuals, but if there is no mature social circle, no interpersonal relationship, it is very difficult to be successful, webmasters may think their website, as long as in the website content update, the web site outside of the chain to achieve the ultimate, so why worry about money not money, but in fact, the real through these methods successful webmaster less and less, and have a wealth of interpersonal relationships, with the industry’s extensive network, the site will do what effort, even some pseudo original content, number >

Summary of experiences and lessons after three years’ failure to do station

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