as early as the beginning of 10, those who have been involved in gourmet stations can be described as "miserable", but they still insist that this may be the will of entrepreneurs. Now with the domestic electricity providers and life is more and more big, the operating environment has been more mature, more and more difficult to achieve profitability, this delicacy site spring finally came, following the first and everybody under profitable delicacy website.

gourmet website begins profitable

, new world, delicacy delicacy Jie recipe: These are the earliest delicacy website, has stable profit in small scale, Betty’s kitchen, a good bean network, including 200 million made of bean fruit, has also begun to profit, the profit model is advertising, brand sponsorship and Ali mother into line the million level flow driven by light advertising revenue is not small. Behind the emerging food web site, under the kitchen, incense, Kazakhstan, cooking nets, etc., are also in good operation.

there is an old saying, every 10 programmers or entrepreneurs, there are 4 to do business this delicacy, not false, Zhang said, we work together to explore the future delicacy profitmodel.

, may to video and graphic content, profit is still advertising accounted for the major

for the content and social class delicacy website, media forms advertising revenue is already very large, nor out, when the mobile Internet is so advanced today is no exception. Remember, the most delicacy station and the gateway program, there is no difference, from the beginning of 11 years, has been dedicated to occupy the delicacy site procedures, procedures have become more humanized, special ingredients, graphic steps, the station more detailed recipe classification, with reduced site hardware and the cost of broadband, delicacy station will take to display video with a graphic way, more easy to increase the brand, brand image and media advertising revenue.

two, charging recipes, professional e-book subscription service,

with domestic copyright awareness, compared the content of precious is expected for the kitchen, teaching more professional training this one, in fact, beans fruit net has begun on this side of the foot, classification of physician diet and nutrition contents of the diet will do fine delicacy website, such as a cold what to eat, what diabetes to eat, what to eat to lose weight, what is pregnant, by nutritionists carefully classified content, presumably the threshold for membership fee, perhaps can be achieved. The future of domestic copyright consciousness increased, whether it is the movie station, or other content, charge content scale will spread, which is the basis of information standardization, is also a flood of information era, the higher demands for the users, is a good choice for the world’s most successful delicacy website, 13 years the profit of $200 million for Cookpad, a regional delicacy made charges of training services, revenue has accounted for a big one, this is also obtained and user >

The rise of food stations the operating environment has become more mature explore the future profi

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