yesterday, an enthusiastic net friend read my website, told me the website keyword density is too low, I use the webmaster web keyword density test tool try it, really only 1% density. So in the different places of the home page added the main keywords, at the same time optimize the key layout, and once again measured the keyword density is equal to 6%, think this density is more appropriate.

this afternoon and check the webmaster statistics, found that Microsoft’s Live search engine to a lot of traffic inadvertently, I can’t wait to visit the Live search engine, type in the search box in my website main keywords 56 video, click on the search button, wow! The first page of search results there is actually my website into the top 10!! once again search a website second keywords "56 video network", did not think the fifth is my website. And the next search result is the real 56 video network, and my results are true, 56 video network above. Optimization work was originally done for Baidu, Google search engine optimization, etc., did not expect in Microsoft’s Live search engine first play a role, it is really "no intention of inserting Liu Liu shady", "heart flower blossom."". My website is, the main word: 56 video, 56 video network, incidentally, Live Search search results page, convenient for friends to view

,, q=56%E8%A7%86%E9%A2%91%E7%BD%91& go=& form=QBLH

recall yesterday’s optimization work, in fact, nothing more than to increase the keyword density, keep in 2%~8%, optimize the layout of keywords, add a few outside the chain. Also do not make special advanced operations, previously heard people say, SEO this thing is actually very simple, as long as the search engine to follow the taste to do, there will be obvious results.

above is a little younger brother SEO experience, feeling, hope to share with you, exchange learning.

Simple SEO keyword ranking into the top 5

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