for WeChat, this is a change in the pattern of the mobile Internet Ecosystem, for tens of millions of businesses, this is a win-win development opportunities.

food products in the frame structure is interesting, users scan the code, directly out of the H5 generated pages switched to WeChat app, probably as long as three days of development, ordering payment, ordering information in print out the kitchen, burn food distribution business, users completed a full consumption.

below, by his two dictation, I sort out.

two years ago, we opened the Internet cafe on our own, and we thought it was fine in the process of operation. It can be optimized by internet.

early in the 2014 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference, the team has proposed to build WeChat into a pervasive way of life, in the way combined with the goal of more third party settled platform is the inevitable choice. WeChat to the center, fragmentation, the scene of the three major characteristics, resulting in the WeChat team to complete the original ideal, must abandon the center control mode of thinking, the construction of ecological attract thousands of businesses as the main force of common services, hundreds of millions of users is the solution.

Zhang Xiaolong at number 28 on a small program day, our company’s valuation at least up ten times. Why, because three days after the more than 30 investors call, opening the first sentence is to say, you do two things, WeChat is a small program to guide the future development of the industry."

entered in November, the northern region into the winter, at the same time, WeChat small program open beta, no accident, before the end of the year, users can use small programs on WeChat. WeChat is not the first attempt to expand its range of services, from the public number, service number, enterprise number to the current small program. WeChat is sitting on the largest traffic platform, a small program for the third party tapping the treasure mine to provide the possibility, in the increasingly high cost flow trend, WeChat small program will bring the new development in the spring to millions of small and medium businesses.

WeChat live 800 million, small program leveraging the flow of gold tools

The original

02, relying on two-dimensional code entry, open to use, run away, do not arbitrarily push…… And small program thinking, crash, not our genius, but stepped on their own dug of the pit forced out.

later made the WiFi order. After user access merchant WiFi, jump out of order >

rely on this product, we have laid three thousand restaurants, serving nearly 1 million users, resulting in about 200 thousand of the daily flow. In the Yangtze River Delta region is the top three service providers.

from WeChat small program analysis, it has two main features:


, this is the fifth time pan pan has come back to share

second, little >

01, why did we do two years of things, and small programs to guide the 90% similar? See product logic will know.

is the last day of 2016, returned to Hangzhou from Guangzhou’s WeChat open class scene, I was Wang Dehan and Yang Wanxin two entrepreneurs took about 4 hours, listening to a known value of ten million of the actual share.

, a strange combination of circumstances, they began the project two years ago and WeChat small program similar to the 90%, in addition to no small program that sets the development of language, products and business logic. As like as two peas two years, how to promote, how to design products, how to avoid the problems such as experience, it is worth reading. How can you program small programs?.

in August this year, the Tencent announced the second quarter of 2016 and the interim report, said WeChat and WeChat combined monthly active users has reached 806 million, of which 94% users every day at least open a WeChat, WeChat 60% daily users opened more than 10 times, of which 55% users over an hour more than 2 hours, more than 32% users. From the above data, in becoming a way of life, WeChat has been achieved to a certain extent. Such a high flow rate, the value is infinite, it can be said that WeChat is the mobile Internet in the barony, but the kingdom of the service chain does not seem to be perfect. Activate according to a survey by the end of 2015 WeChat average revenue of 45 yuan in per user, per capita revenue contribution compared to Tencent Mobile Games 170-180 yuan, WeChat traffic conversion is not high, but a small program or new tools on leveraging the entire gold deposit.

: the first small program for service; WeChat released "apps" online, only the first phase of the 200 places, the surprise is, WeChat public V have failed, can get online qualification number need to have the following three characteristics: first, service number; second, not less than the number of fans 50 thousand, third, the application itself is for small light service. That is to say, a small program will be following the service number, the new product service to provide users with a more powerful, combined with the status quo of WeChat service type less, the self-evident integrity by ecological service program to complement WeChat.

was the first to use bluetooth. Put Bluetooth devices in every corner of the restaurant, as long as the open mobile phone Bluetooth function, using WeChat shake, you can jump out of the shop, after entering the online ordering data, direct docking to the cashier system, finished the meal and then go to the checkout. This process customers too troublesome, the waiter also troublesome, and finally give up.

in this process, do not pay attention to, and then open, do not have to download and then open, do not pay cash after the point, do not need attendant intervention, do not have to occupy a desktop location, do not worry about being harassed. Familiar with the user, may complete the single point ten operation.

Actual combat Two year experience of small programWhy WeChat small program will bring small and med

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