currently has a number of companies planning to set up similar satellite constellations, and SpaceX can take a place in the market. The company set up a satellite development company near Seattle to realize the dream. Musk’s launch services company is an industry with high risk and high cost. Experts said that although the Falcon 9 rocket successfully can be used repeatedly brought some financial benefits, but the launch industry is not a profitable industry, at least in this industry is not enough to achieve the establishment of self-sustaining civilization Musk on Mars in the dream, because it takes hundreds of billions of dollars.


, but some industry analysts believe that the risk of doing so is great, musk may be the company’s future in this move. Last month, SpaceX’s vice president of government affairs satellite Patricia · Cooper Patricia Cooper of the United States Senate Commerce, science and Transportation Committee, said the company plans to launch 4425 small satellites with a Falcon 9 rocket in 2024 before the establishment of low orbit satellite constellation. The plan also includes deploying 7518 additional satellites in lower orbit.

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on satellite and space industry of Fort St Peter’s research and consulting firm Quilty Analytics CEO Chris · Quild Chris Quilty that can be provided for satellite communication on the journey to Mars > musk

if you want to achieve interstellar travel dreams, SpaceX may need an important source of income, and blue light and his launch company Blue origin has been a source of funding. Bezos said that his business model is to sell $1 billion per year Amazon shares, this week, Amazon’s stock price of over $1000. Some experts say some of the challenges SpaceX faces, such as government regulation, costs and competitors, can be overcome, but the threshold for entering the satellite broadband market is high and actual profits may be lower than expected.

has had a number of companies, most notably OneWeb, which is building a manufacturing plant in Florida and plans to launch its first satellite in May 2018. In response, SpaceX declined to comment. Since its founding in 2002, SpaceX’s long-term mission has been to make humans a multi planetary species". For musk, it means building a self-sustaining Mars civilization.

, June 5th, SpaceX plans to provide broadband Internet services from space to global consumers, according to the USA today. The company hopes that this service can become a cash Qian Shu, its founder Elon Musk in · to make human become multi planet species "contest, and is also a billionaire and space adventurer Geoff · Bezos Amazon CEO competition.

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