Lao Lu learning by doing, a customer feedback product is not professional, such as waterproof waterproof tent. That’s brand, Lv Zhenhong thought. But at that time a few well-known outdoor products can not see Taobao, refused to sell online. Lv Zhenhong can only register "wolf wolf" trademark, product quality, pricing between Yiwu goods and well-known brands.

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the power of the fans, everyone knows. Whether it is micro-blog fans or WeChat friends circle and so on, have become people’s word of mouth, detonated hot spots, an important channel for radioactive transmission. Fans are a very important customer resource, and they tend to be easier because they trust. Such a low cost and high efficiency of scarce resources, very worthy of attention and make full use of entrepreneurs, success has been possible to sit. At the same time, the entrepreneurial team itself cohesion and explosive force is amazing, entrepreneurs must pay attention to Oh.

in the Taobao store opened Lv Xiaowei home, the reporter saw, Lv Xiaowei "expropriation" of the living room for office space, the door is a computer on the left hand side, with a tent on the right. Lv Xiaowei slept in tents, tents, sleeping bags and so on, are all sold by their own products, he said, so that you can keep on the edge of the computer, but also to understand the product, you can pass the experience to the customer.

China’s special regional environment and humanistic economy have achieved a special commercial ecology. Entrepreneurs can make full use of this "favourable geographical position" advantage, will be similar to hunger marketing, etiquette marketing, face marketing and so on all kinds of business model, will cause to climax. In addition, with the advent of the mobile Internet, geographical advantages are more obvious, and gradually adapt to the fragmentation of life in the home, people tend to be in the vicinity of the geographical location of daily consumption or activities. Entrepreneurs can make full use of some geographical, geographical, location and other related "geographical advantages" advantages, the existing resources will be set reasonable and play to the extreme, thereby enhancing user experience and marketing revenue.

surprisingly, Beishan village do outdoor activities. On the contrary, the town is a major industrial town, where the country has the largest band sawing machine production, but also an important domestic sewing machine production, with outdoor supplies at all.

walk in the village, often see hoe farmer and chew the fat lady, here young people are out of work? No! A lot of young people do Taobao business in front of a computer screen, Wangwang Taobao chat issued a "drop" sound ear.

"human and":

villagers saw the rich effect, word of mouth, relatives with relatives, friends of friends, the village of Taobao gradually increased, most are sold in wolf things.

Meng Zi said, "the weather is better than the weather, the geography is not as good as the people."." But for entrepreneurs, especially in the Internet era, successful entrepreneurs need more opportune three have.

The main road


fortunately, just in time for the rapid growth of e-commerce. Now, in total sales in Taobao, the wolf has been in the outdoor products in the top ten last year, sales reached 20 million yuan, in the outdoor sleeping bags, mountaineering rod, inflatable pad ranked Taobao sales in the first class of sketch.


reporter into the North Village, you see the entrance to the village set up an e-commerce distribution map, the map marked the location of each Taobao shop. Today, this small village of only more than 800 families, out of nearly one hundred Taobao stores, including crown shop has 27, sales have increased from 800 thousand yuan in 2006 to 40 million yuan.

Internet era is an era of rapid changes in information and technology, iterations, almost a few years or even months, is a new cycle of reincarnation. The emergence of new technologies, new information, new services and so on, dizzying. The rapid rhythm of the times has become the mainstream, all kinds of new things are changing people’s lives at any time, the movers, the history of the big wheel rolling forward. In the market environment, competition is more innovation, innovation emerge in an endless stream exacerbating economic development frequently, only stand high and see far, know how to seize the opportunity and take the opportunity of the entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed. Conform to the development of the Internet. It is a positive occasion, your career will be very influential, overnight success is no longer a myth.

Beishan village is a small village at the foot of the Beishan Mountain in Lishui, Jinyun. But it is this small village, has opened nearly 100 Taobao stores, and more than 27 online shop to crown shop level. Moreover, selling is not related to outdoor supplies and the local economy.

Dickens wrote in the book of Shuangcheng: "this is the best of times, but also the worst of times."." Indeed, the Internet era, the achievements of too many grassroots entrepreneurs, who are also let too many traditional entrepreneurs hero. If you want to in this era of entrepreneurial success, must make full use of "right", so as to boost the cause to new success.

all this should be talked about by villager Lv Zhenhong. In August 2006, Lv Zhenhong registered a Taobao store, "at first, just wanted to do a little business."." Lv Zhenhong left the village at the age of 17 to work, sold sesame cake, and later wanted to change trades. Influenced by friends, decided to sell outdoor supplies. "It was in 2006, to purchase Yiwu, a stall is open shop, are indifferent." Lv Zhenhong says.

A successful nternet business needs more opportuneZhejiang village hidden 27 Taobao crown shop

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