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1. to celebrate the year of 8 department stores in the latest price of

4.2007 years of video game software sales at the end of the


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case description: when sh419’s market share can get so much, really search technology better than shlf1314? No, because sh419 has MP3 search. When migrant workers communicate, they certainly won’t say, "I’m using a search engine and using advanced search technology.". They will say: there is a website, you can listen to songs free of charge, you can free songs, you can also try. It is such a simple point, touched more and more small users, only today’s sh419.


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now Chinese, almost everyone has a number, and some even have many. Most people chat with , which is free and free of money. Even if you are in real life is rich handsome, you can not be too stingy to pull out a hair in the , the temptation to spend money not easily, wear a small underpants in the chat, also does not matter, you are the grass root level is the lowest users, users in the system of Tencent. But a lot of grass root in real life, such as teenage junior high school students, he gave the Tencent to pay 10 dollars a month, as this drill, drill the user, then the Tencent system, he is the senior user, is a value-added service users. Although a large number of free users in the chat, but with these value-added services users, Tencent business model built up.


3. "a new EP

has a joke and says there are 1 billion people in China. If everyone gives me 1 dollars, I’ll make a fortune. The question is, what do you give you 1 dollars? Even if everyone decides to give you 1 dollars each, you’ll have to pay two dollars for the 1 bucks, so you’ll lose it. But, on the Internet, that’s true. If you have a very good product, through the Internet can access hundreds of millions of users, then, among these hundreds of millions of users, you launched a value-added service, even if only >


2.2007 China book sales charts 41% off caps

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case description: the Internet value-added services model, the foreign name it is called freemium, in fact, free Exemption and premium cost two words together. At first glance, you might think freemium is a tall too profound to be understood completely, on the way. Actually, this model is very simple. We often see it when we surf the Internet everyday. Moreover, in China, the inventor of this model is definitely not me. The real explorer of this model, the most successful one actually, is the Tencent. After the advertisement model of has been denied, it has forced the management of Tencent to explore in a disguised way, and finally explored the value-added services model.

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Jobs since the altar has been all when the idol worship, as one of the two entrepreneurs, he is how continuous success? Today we recommend a text, an excerpt from Zhou Hongyi’s book "the Internet methodology".


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