knowledge economy consumption upgrade: grass roots rising by service win

      keyword advertising can be said to be the most economical type of advertising. Look at the advertising copy, only "the company offers a variety of digital cameras and maintenance services" and "club a SUV, to provide all kinds of tourist information such as the description of enthusiasm. Or just like to express the most drive a duck onto a perch, the information with the least words, "hardware, machinery and electrical industry B2B website, membership, advertising" such a crowded and dull expression.

 :     in fact, some clever advertisers know how to avoid the high costs of getting hot keywords; more advertisers are starting to adjust the direction of their funding

      the sustained and rapid development of network economy is becoming an important characteristic of global economic development in recent years. The Internet economy has pushed the times to a fast track, while the online advertising industry has been developing at a rapid pace in recent years. With the profound changes in people’s media consumption concept and consumption habits, the whole pattern of advertising industry is undergoing great changes.


 :     this way has accounted for 60% of the online advertising market, advertising creative nowhere, then, the relevant creative copywriting staff can not go to jump off the building?

entered in 2017, the knowledge economy has shifted from "net red" to "content oriented", and the consumption of users has become more rational. Similar to Himalaya toll zone, know almost Live, watercress time, the major content platform similar to the establishment of fees, boutique area, layout, knowledge economy model is becoming increasingly common. Recently, Himalaya in its 66 member date announced a number of data sets, sales list, there are many waist or amateur KOL. For example, the public awareness of the general meaning of childe, column, "you must not know the human art masterpiece", charging more than 2 million 670 thousand times on behalf of the knowledge-based economy, the rise of grassroots generation.

, their entry into the office virtually helped the rise of grassroots amateur, and the user’s content, value, consumption, also replaced the previous "close to" idol and spend money, knowledge become a real product. In addition, in order to allow users to better find what you want, regardless of the knowledge of the Live or Himalaya platform category and theme is also increasing, in 2017, the platform in building large content, ecology has apparently become consensus.

a year ago the knowledge economy or celebrity power, Wang Sicong, Papi, Shi Hang, Zheng Shuang and other parrot sauce in a celebrity, on micro-blog answers can be obtained easily tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of income. If Wang Sicong only "practice makes perfect" four words, income eighty thousand. In 2017, this phenomenon has been greatly improved, in addition to Zheng Shuang in 2017 by celebrity is no A single word of gold., new case. The rise of amateurs indicates that knowledge economy has entered a new stage.

today, know almost Live with formal entry: "Ge towel to put on, put your" single course income of up to 150 thousand; Himalaya Yi Miao with classical music "Ueda hard?" series of courses in the annual income of nearly ten million, voice coach Xu Jie "get a good sound" pay for play a total of more than 7 million 600 thousand. These are compared to the people who are not known by Wang Sicong. The creative products, whether single or total, have surpassed the star of last year’s gold payment.

‘s earliest knowledge economy platform was established in 2015, and it was not until 2016 that Wang Sicong made 238 thousand of the 32 questions in the "answer" to make the knowledge economy explode. It has been more than a year since. In 2017, knowledge economy has ushered in a very big change, some non celebrity, red net class roots in the know Live, Himalaya people, and other platforms such as the rise of Ge Tian, Chen Mo, Yimiao towel, Italy, son of Li Xiang, they all have some achievements in the professional field, but little of their mass knowledge, knowledge economy depends on the income above et al in the hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands.

      advertising creativity nowhere;

      this causes everyone to grab a row in front of the grand occasion; some keywords even reach clicks; advertisers have to pay several yuan RMB levels. However, advertising should not be more expensive than looking at the game, not to mention the considerable benefits brought about by such advertising, which are not necessarily desirable on average.

 :     if you want to buy the keyword "digital camera", you must bid for this word. The price is the amount you have to pay every time an Internet user clicks on an ad. There are many vendors who want to buy this word. How do you determine the order in which the advertisement is displayed? The higher bidder line the front.

, who has no star halo, can be in 2017?

      advertising should not be more money than the game

      buy keyword advertising are very clear, the search engine in order to take into account the user’s search accuracy for keyword advertising description must not exaggerate the flat straight. For example, in advertising, write the words "the largest hardware product website in the country", unless a fair unit proves you are the largest in the country, otherwise it is not allowed. The same is true of the cheapest hardware products.

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