Ma Yun in micro-blog revealed that the Alibaba last year big data investigation 4495 fake clues, but the public security organ is based on the existing legal provisions only 469 criminal attack, accounted for only 1/10; and 33 cases had the judgment of the case, the proportion of less than 1%, 80% were sentenced to probation; 200 cases of producing fake case last year in business administration punishment, the average fines of less than 100 thousand yuan.


some people say that this is Ma Yun’s appeal, so can a hundred responses to a single call but in fact it is, because the fight against fakes, the protection of intellectual property rights, innovation environment is China desire fair firms "pain points". If Ma’s appeal can be landed, for the entire Chinese business, especially in China, have great significance to create.


The legal environment of

car dealer website, and all sales enterprise website, be asked to bring customers directly to the enterprise. To receive their business, in addition to network technology, it is necessary to provide the enterprise to optimize and expand the business plan, as well as more important decisions whether the business negotiation ability.

in the price of 30 thousand yuan and 6000 yuan price, if you are a multi million opened a car shop owner, and monthly advertising fees to throw out a few million, then you will choose which bid? Under normal circumstances, the election will be reported 30 thousand. If it is not a fool boss, should know that the site is the embodiment of enterprise strength, will choose a stingy package scheme only strange. Here, we assume that the monthly advertising fee for the enterprise is $30 thousand, and the contractor should definitely place the offer at an average monthly advertising fee greater than that of the enterprise, rather than the average quarterly advertising fee.

Some contractors have

is not difficult to contact with the staff, they are generally very young, is the Internet, car, outing, and participated in the gathering of peers. Remember, you must be the first person you’re looking for in your business! Call them directly and don’t make an appointment by phone. Because there are so many advertising salesmen who call them all the time and ask if they need to advertise, and if you want to get them, it’s the best way to meet them through a friend. I don’t know any friend who knows them No problem! Do you always have a car club in your city? If there is no car club City, where dealers do not have any significance of the site. You’re mixing up with very famous people in the car club

during the two sessions this year, with the real economy, the virtual economy, new retail related sound heard, has become part of China’s economic lifeline e-commerce is also a hot topic. Is not representative of the Ma did not forget NPC and CPPCC in micro-blog voice, sent a letter to NPC and CPPCC representatives called for "the waves in the China circle of enterprise governance governance as fake" like drunk driving, Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yuhua, Lei Jun, Guo Guangchang, Li Dongsheng, Cao Guowei and other entrepreneurs bigwigs have sound, China Entrepreneur Club and all of the members of China green companies alliance issued a statement, "behind Ma calling for fake like driving that porter.

fakes not only harm the interests of consumers, but also damage the fundamental interests of enterprises operating in good faith. It is because of this, many overseas brands have been constantly struggling with China’s fake industry. At this point, as a representative of the Alibaba business platform has been doing scapegoat man, many people will blame the problem of fake electronic business platform, in fact this is unfair, because the fake entity retail system problems existed, and more rampant counterfeit cigarettes, counterfeit, fake, fake cosmetics luxury…… It is years of problems, Guangzhou and even the existence of similar to the "goods wholesale market" this place will fake it onto the table to do, I remember my colleagues and even make friends with congenial persons to "cleanse cargo" years ago, it is magic realism.

on the one hand, the manufacture and sale of fake goods will not bear the legal risk of deterrent.

is not the fundamental reason is that the Jigzhi fake, fraud and selling: low cost, minimal risk, but can earn profits.

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

can even say that if we can not cure the fake cancer, China can only create castles in the air.

serious lag let Chinese become fraud and selling paradise, many people made in the past few decades fortunes for primitive accumulation, crazy. It can be said that the past ten years are ten of the gold for fake practitioners


why the problem of fake Jigzhi on

How to get the car dealer’s website businessMa called on Governance of drunk driving type counterfei

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