2. Pagerank still means Google weight, please don’t it so much, the time to do some important things, for example, to add some content for your web site. The influence of the concept of other Shanghai dragon, there are many network technical articles, but these articles did not solve the problem for you, but the way of sharing, which is soft. We see a lot of people just entering the Shanghai dragon in this industry, just to see an article that is on the right, with the inside of the argument to modify. In fact, the trick in Shanghai dragon than you imagine much less, please believe my experience. Don’t believe those who are above the network reprint articles. Clear direction, clear what you are doing is right. Shanghai Longfeng excessive to pay attention to Baidu, noble baby, will bring the invisible pressure to yourself.


like "human make mistakes" and "Search engine rankings change" also refers to the Shanghai dragon. Every day we see many new sites on the line, there are a number of old site closed. Shanghai dragon every day in constant hard work. If every day to see keywords ranking, may put you exhausted, please take a good attitude towards Shanghai dragon. To do a keyword ranking, if not the industry suddenly thought that one day you should decide on what path to follow?

1. Shanghai dragon every day in our rankings in various ways, of which there are many owners believe that PR decided to love Shanghai ranking. The higher the Pagerank the better? This is not from the aristocracy before the baby Chinese when we webmaster to aristocratic baby tool called pagerank. This green long longer shows more noble baby attention, also means that your site is better. Over the past few years, Pagerank

1. website can achieve good rankings in search engines, we all feel very good. However, each search engine algorithm is different, we can not every day to adjust the website for different search engines, they spent a lot of time in Shanghai dragon er. Why not try to think from the user experience point of view? If you do not want to give the user, just want to see the search engine, so your site has what value. The search engine will not have a user experience of the website to give good rankings, or do not deliberately search engine change for good.

, do you still see PR

Dmoz is still 3. per Er Shanghai Longfeng worth the time to submit an open directory, but there is no need to submit the catalogue every day, and not to do other things. Your site is Dmoz entry is a glorious thing. If there is no entry, it does not matter, at least you have.

is so important? ?

two, Shanghai dragon optimization please correct attitude

Do you still see PR optimization please correct attitude

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