in yellow represents social factors, the dark blue represents the reverse link factors, technical factors, green represents the light blue represents the page page content, directly click or download to look at the big picture.

3, the reverse link


page has been based website ranking. The website structure is consistent with the standards often determines the quality of the website ranking. If the construction site does not meet the structural standards, do not meet the user’s browsing habits, it is difficult to get the favor of users, so it is hard to get a good ranking in the search results.

website content quality is more and more important, ranked 2014 in the Google page content factors, relativity and authority of Google now pay more attention to the content of the website. The length of the value increase, this shows that now the search engine more love more depth content. In addition, the chain construction site also becomes more and more important, and this factor is the most easily overlooked.


SearchMetrics released the 2014 version of the Google search engine optimization investigation report. Every year the SearchMetrics will be released on the Google search engine ranking analysis from social factors, the reverse link, the page page content, technology, brand, user behavior and other aspects of the impact of factors related to Google search ranking, and gives the corresponding optimization suggestion. The last time in June I released some influencing factors of 2014 engine ranking Google search.

2, web page technology

1, the content of the website

here’s a comparison of influencing factors and 2014 2013 Google ranking, didn’t plan to compile, but people still ask, I’ll compile it.

overall, 2014 Google website ranking of the factors affecting the overall trend of decline in the social media pages and page factors, technical factors have improved significantly, especially some of the factors in the front row. The reverse link factors, factors in the number of links and link factors weakened, in terms of quality enhancement. Keywords in the links in the H tag, in the domain of value are weakened, and the correlation factors, universality and quality continues to strengthen, in particular, also added some contents about the factors of the quality of the chain.

but it is important to note that in addition to a correlation content, in the front row is still the social factors and factors of reverse link, although the search engine now pay more attention to the quality and experience, pay more attention to the content, but the old ranking factors not directly lose value, on the contrary, they are still high.


2014 page technical aspects of the rise and fall, the search engine must pay more attention to user experience, this is a website loading speed is greatly improved.

Compared with 2013 2014 Google ranking factors

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