we all know that some search engines to the railway station, there is a period of observation, the various search engines on the new site observation period is different, and different types of site observation period is also different. But the observation period or more stringent inspection. Even if your site has been submitted to the search engine, but may be a long time have not seen "was included. The author observed, Google for new sites included speed, may be home page and the inside pages included within a week. Which included 360 and Sogou relatively slow, it may take two weeks to collect a website home page, but included in the inside pages is relatively slow. Love Shanghai for the new site inspection period is longer. Once your new site has this kind of situation, don’t panic, this is normal, as long as the formal legal website, to update the original station outside the station, multiple outside chain, observe, believe that within a month will be included.

for a new website, even login to the search engine, but has been submitted, homepage and other pages but not be able to immediately be included. The railway station will often encounter two situations, one is the site only included the home page is not included in the page, the two sites included in the page is very slow. These two conditions now are very common, which may cause some people’s doubts, to solve this problem, the author explain the reason for your website, when you encounter this kind of situation is good mentally prepared, don’t ask, don’t panic.

second, because the site itself robots reason:

third, due to the lack of the actual value of the website home page, the quality is low, result in the search engine not included:

, the first new sites need to observe a certain period of time after the

if the website home page or inside pages for a long time can not be included, because the site itself does not exclude the wrong parameters when setting up robots, the home page or other web directories to shield. If this problem is not intentional webmaster for the word, that is a stupid mistake, often make the website is a novice. In order to guide the spider crawling home page and other pages, make sure not shielding in the robots protocol to the front page or web directory search engine to crawl.

website quality is poor, no value is one of the reasons the search engine not included. The search engine will generally included relatively valuable web pages, including the page. If your home is not the actual value, such as "website construction…", or little web content, it is very difficult to search engines. In addition, to be included in the search engine, it should have some of my original things, don’t always collect things online, new original content can easily be included, has been included in the collection of online content, search engines do not bother to include. The author thinks that: improve the site home page and inside pages of content quality, and release some words related to the original site of high content, can speed up the pages included.


Analysis on the new website is search engine included several reasons

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