website program installed, then the key is to determine the key words. According to the Shanghai love index and demand distribution to find the most welcome by the industry are those words, the love Shanghai drop-down and search and analysis of the existing ranking to find love sea users often search words have those, finally determine the core keywords. Specific keywords analysis of mining technology I have been in Shanghai Longfeng Youzhi personal blog to share, you can refer to learning.

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with the rapid development of Internet, more and more companies are aware of the importance of the website. Now most of the enterprises have their own website, but most of these sites is not ranked, some even keywords are not brought, net station flow is almost zero, not to mention the online channel to sell their products.

enterprise station in product introduction don’t give instructions on the things moved up, must according to the needs of users, to find their own selling products, the content must reflect the advantages of our products and colleagues compared.


content is a key step when adding content must add high quality content. Not for the contents. Copy and paste than people, it will not be included. The content is not as long as the original content to help users can copy the content to make the difference. Suggest you blog is the best original content.

, a website hardware

website hardware refers to the domain name, space, program. A good domain name is short and easy to remember, such as www.taobao贵族宝贝, Youzhi Shanghai Longfeng: www.youzhi Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝. The direct impact is the speed of opening of the site and some Shanghai Longfeng optimization function is not included, so the space must choose to buy some big space. The stability of the program is very important for the enterprise website, general station is dedecms.



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then have a good business station, a high conversion rate, good ranking website how to optimize? Youzhi Shanghai Longfeng share a five most important point:


determined, the next step is the layout of the site. The layout of the site including navigation design, plate layout and the distribution of keywords and so on. A good layout for the user to save a lot of time, the user has entered our site to find the need content directly. The navigation bar is the core user search keywords high or some of the key words long tail word. The general optimization of 2-3 keywords, keywords and content within the page will only match the keywords. Because of the time space is limited, knowledge about the specific operation in general, Youzhi Shanghai Longfeng personal blog.

5 strategies of enterprise website optimization

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