do network marketing knows Q & marketing effect, especially the love of Shanghai know, if it is to do the station, and the weight effect is self-evident, but to love more and more strict audit mechanism in Shanghai, most people do not know how to start, generally not to send links, serious cases will be taken prisoner. Today talk about love Shanghai know outside the chain of actual combat.

in Shanghai love to know inside add some concern keywords

try to answer the question, whether it will be adopted, also don’t put ads. If someone asked you, must continue to answer the question asked in the process, the more the better, if you have the opportunity to publish links can be released, but it is best to ask each other a few times.

please famous article source: 贵族宝贝



then is the key, answer more than 10 questions, make friends in other places (different IP, different accounts) to ask what you want to do marketing, but do not rush to put the link, must let him ask a few times, and then put you to the promotion of the link.

then you will see a lot of people questioning


according to my test, one hour released the 4-5 link answer, but suggest that don’t answer too much, otherwise it will be another K, who must change IP, change the account (not to find a few friends to help). Conditional word, answer the account and the IP often change.

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Dry cargo love Shanghai know quiz experience

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