when the PPC mode is introduced, we are still in the first period: the industry claims that online advertising in the magical charm. The advertising agency to establish and advertise online has become increasingly complex. The Gross announced new technology in less than 18 months, the online advertising industry began to decline, developers give up online business, interactive agency many feel helpless. At this time, we have PPC, this has been derided advertising model suddenly back to life, which is not only for the search engine, and for all the men are the same. For a time, we heard the marketing are said: " we believe that " interaction is the right way for you to put advertising products;.

PPC on the first hit is click fraud. Click fraud is a problem, but can be corrected by the management. In the structure of PPC system, everyone can see their performance, which means that everyone is a policeman. When fraud is found, this system can be easily changed. People are fraud struggle and click, but this is a customer service issue, rather than a purely technical issue. The threat of click fraud is still in, and is on the rise, the.

was the first to be clear: PPC advertising saved online advertising. It’s true。 In 1998, the Bill Gross IdeaLab laboratory demonstrated a revolutionary search engine GoTo at the TED conference. In the search engine, advertisers need to pay, and displayed at the top of the SERP. I don’t know if Gross will exit the stage, but at least he laughed at this product by industry. Shortly afterwards, GoTo changed its business model, operated by website for other search engines to pay list transformation, and took a new name Overture. These measures caused a page and Brin’s attention, because the latter is to know how to make your site profitable

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of course, PPC is not a breakthrough innovation, but it does have advantages. The advertising agency to realize that if they get the wrong CTR in the media, at least they can also display the results from search advertising customers. In the key, PPC provides a lifeline to the industry.

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this is PPC a bit exaggerated? It sounds a little. I don’t lose my mind, that will leave PPC advertising. This morning, I have just bought a batch of PPC advertising. But as a new star in the world of online advertising, PPC began to show signs of recession.

shlf1314 used this mode, but also made some significant adjustments. Later, Overture was acquired by YAHOO, and Microsoft is also aware of the lost a good opportunity, and caused a discussion in the industry, eventually led to the launch of Adcenter.

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