if we put the core keywords to expand, as the "Shanghai lawyer", this is a lot better to find the "Shanghai lawyer", Internet users have been showing some purchase intention. To expand a step, if the target keywords as "Shanghai economic law", then the purchase intention will be stronger, even almost certainly that the user is in the specific region in the search for specific cases of legal services, so customers to search your website to your customers the opportunity will be greatly improved. So we must remember that the flow itself is not necessarily benefit, may also be wasting your resources such as bandwidth and customer service, we are looking for is able to transform into effective traffic flow.


as a webmaster, we should understand that the user search words absolutely not limited to popular keywords we can think of. Many of the search words is our own thought. Studies have shown that today the Internet users actually use the search term has extended trend. Search words in 3 words the following key words in the proportion of declining search terms in the above 4 words on the rise, and the longer the words rise faster trend. With the increasing number of Internet, netizens have had the experience of a short, general search words tend to not want to find content, and search words longer and more specific, better. You can see from the traffic analysis, many users not only in the search keywords in the search, or even a complete sentence. So, want to become a successful webmaster, search words in the selection, those looking for a little longer, a little more specific search terms may be better.



users are different, the Internet experience are different, they will often use a variety of search words we think. As a webmaster, in the choice of site keywords >

as a web site, must study the keywords, and the choice of words of the site the most intolerable is most probably it did not actually happen. The choice of keywords is to find the search keywords and the number, the difficulty is not too large, only do this, can spend less money to achieve the best website optimization effect.


beginners think, do is to look for effective traffic rank, in fact, even if you have enough ability and strength will be some popular keywords to the front position, will not guarantee your site will be able to achieve the desired benefits, because only the effect of the flow into the real customers or economic growth the source is the site of the purpose. For example, do a website to provide legal services, if the core keywords as "lawyer", may not be a good choice, because the Internet search "lawyer" the motivation and purpose is very complex. There may be people looking for legal services, but there may be a lot of people looking for such as the lawyer qualification examination data, may also be the candidates in the examination guide for the University of the legal profession, such a complex user to provide legal services to the site, how many opportunities will be converted to pay for the service for customers.

How to select the site keywords multi angle

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