from A5 and Chinaz see, I love mules can see a lot of very well written text, but there are a lot of the poor, the poor people as people can not see the money, a lot of people is whether the write will directly to the poor, and some even directly in the comments on ".

Chinese has an old saying: men fear into the wrong line, afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang. Therefore, more important to choose the right direction for men with industry. A correct direction, even if what you were in the middle of the wrong, but as long as the direction, these errors are slowly to make up, to insist, finally have the chance of success. But if the direction is wrong, even if you have more efforts, more diligent, just the opposite, only farther and farther away from success.

every day to write Shanghai dragon, a little tired, but also a little at the end, really do not know what to write today, said Shanghai Longfeng digression, after all, do not just Shanghai dragon, want to be successful, we still have a lot to do.

do we have to do this calm attitude, this love of Shanghai is not included, you anxious, looking for problems, tomorrow you will feel not updated snapshot, the end of the world, in this way, the website is not easy to do, you also collapsed. As long as conscientious to do some small problems temporarily do not have too care.

Two, choose the correct direction of Before the

I’m not after all what is always love to poor, but there must be such a class of people, it is oneself want to write soft but can’t write, see someone to write a good heart, jealous and unhappy, directly to a bad review, not to say this kind of mind is good, let’s imagine a real money people will have this kind of psychology? Of course, I love mules what did not earn money, so they can’t mess with guess what state of mind, but I think it is not like this, should only earn money and talent so stingy, so people don’t love jealousy. I think, write their own no soft Wen, you should Study hard writing ideas and practices of others, so that their efforts can also write out yourself, not to earn money, you should Study hard others money making ideas and practices, and not when others than their own good, thinking method to harm others, all day thinking of others bad, their own efforts, not better than others,

, a good attitude and the quality of


website, also have a sincere heart, honesty can make you to make many friends, these friends are your days after making money. Dishonest may make you lose a lot of opportunities to make money, for example, a customer to give you a list, you tell him to do a lot more perfect start, but you finally did not do so well, they will think you cheated on him, he will give you a list, do you?

to do a website, ask yourself how much about this line of users, what advantage, the industry present situation and future development.

love to talk about something that a mule Shanghai dragon outside

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